Sunday update…

I am done feeling sorry for myself.  It usually doesn’t last long and everyone who poked and prodded me helped a lot.  I wrote quite a lot today and after the rain let up I decided that I really needed to get out and go for a “walk” (MY definition of a walk, since Bear was going to watch football… the I can haul @$$ walk that is just over 4 miles an hour).  It is cold enough and damp enough that my wrist gave be problems by the time I got home, but it was great to really work up a sweat and to come back home out of breath.
I signed Skinny Butt up to help at the half marathon again this year… he seems to look forward to the volunteering.  He got bored last year because there wasn’t enough to keep him busy long enough.  This time he is going to be handing out half marathon medals (ulterior motive?  maybe) until 10:30.  I’m going to have to really push if I’m going to make it quickly enough for him to maybe be able to give me my medal but I think that would be so incredible.
I have decided that I’m going to have to order another Seizure T-Shirt from Kaitlin’s Cauze to wear in the race so I can raise more awareness along the way.  No one may notice but I think it will be good to try.  Can’t wait till pay day when I can put in an order for it.  That way if it is too chilly, I can wear my hoody… if it warms up enough, I can tie it around my waist and still wear my T-shirt.
Tonight, I’m tired but it is mostly a good tired.  My boo-boo arm hurts from the cold and the damp and cold.  I think tomorrow will be a rest day… but my ‘speed’ day today made me feel way more confident.  I really really hope the Enbrel keeps helping and I don’t slide back any.  I am feeling so much better the last few days… 8 mile walk then home and then back to the school to pick up the squirrel so… 10 mile day… then a 5 mile day yesterday to the store and back… then 3.5 fast miles today… I haven’t felt this good in quite a while…
I so much want to thank my friends for poking me today to get me back to where my head needs to be.  I still think what I am doing is the near things but I think that is pretty much an okay thing too… I don’t have to be a billboard… I just need to keep on doing what I do.
Happy rest of the Sunday… and happy rest of the week ahead.


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