Wrapped in a Smile

Just a "free" picture I found interesting...

Okay, today (again?) I decided that I don’t need anybody’s help figuring out how to write the great American RA Story.  I have asked for advice and the questions go to /dev/null (the great bit bucket in whoever it is’s message folder).  And you know what… today I decided I really don’t care.  Today I wrapped myself in a smile (most of the day anyway) and decided that, even if the book doesn’t come from anger, it comes from a deep desire to set my record straight and I am going to be able to do this.  It may not every be in “print” format (Dead Tree Book) it may only be available through E-Pub format.. but that’s okay.  It can be read on any computer, most phones and many book readers.  If I can get it on paper rather than in digital ink, great.  If not… so what.

I watched a good friend take some tentative steps out of her comfort zone and reach out to find out who might like her beautiful art work.  It made me smile.  I know it couldn’t have been easy for her.

I watched grackles play in rain puddles next to the gas station where I got gas tonight.  They were jumping around and splashing and making a great to-do about the jumping around.

Tonight was Methotrexate Shot In The Tummy night (this twice a week tummy thing is getting confusing, I can never remember what went where last or what goes where now).  Bear seems to be getting anxious about the shot in the tummy thing.  I think he’s taking the Enbrel (ouch… hang on… wait wait… okay go… lather, rinse, repeat) dealy I have going.  He shouldn’t, he’s really good at tummy injections it is just that enbrel is couchy… even on a good day.

So here I sit, putting together my outline and some thoughts in Evernote.  It is time I make some real use of the product I bought a full price upgrade of rather than just random stuff from the internet.  Yeah, I’m starting to get serious about this.

OH OH OH… and I have on my wicked cool hoody that says Seizures Suck!  It came yesterday and I love it… toasty and purple!!!  I have on some awesome socks (red wing shoe store socks that are moisture wicking socks… obscenely expensive per pair but they were buy two get one free at the outlets last night when we went Skinny Butt Boy shoe shopping and they are amazingly warm even on my Raynauds tootsies so they are well worth the money.

Yep, tonight I have wrapped myself in a smile and I’m curled up thinking.

Tomorrow Squirrel Girl takes her SAT test (when did she get so grown up and pretty?) and Skinny Butt and I go to the library so he can prove to his Psych teacher that he knows how to check a book out of the library.  Really?  There are college kids that don’t know how to use the library?  Wow.  I was hoping he could find “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat”… but our library doesn’t have a copy of it

Ah well… luck of the draw.  He will find something.


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