Every Day, A New Beginning

It is O-Dark… uh… oclock.  Opting to keep my butt sitting on the bed all snuggled into the toasty blankets.  It is the perfect morning to go for a ‘run’ but today is yoga and I don’t want to push myself too terribly hard today after yesterday’s knees situation…

So, I”m sitting listening to the horror stories on TLC, Discovery, Science Channel… drinking the remnants of Adam’s stronger than mommy’s coffee from last night (he makes good coffee… really good coffee last night… and I’m enjoying it even if it is cold and stronger than I usually like)… and thinking about my day yesterday.

Yesterday was Wednesday… Enbrel Shot Day… and it hurt a bit more yesterday than it had the times before… I think maybe it was still colder this time and it burned.  This morning I’m itchy but feeling pretty decent after the shot.

Taking stock this morning (stupid dog decided that she NEEDED to go out and bark at the dirt again at the most ridiculous hour), my problem child right wrist is still not overly happy.  I wish I had yoga blocks this morning… I’m hoping Bea has some I can use… I really don’t think I can do some of the poses without something ‘extra’ on my right wrist…  Knees aren’t so bad this morning.  Right one maybe a little more tender than usual, but not like yesterday.  Tootsies are a little ouchy but not too puffy.

I’m thinking it is going to just be a better day in general.

It got me thinking… (not always a good thing, I know… but hey… it happens) that every day is really a new beginning… no matter how crappy yesterday was, today has a shot at being better.  Yeah, you may hurt just as bad (or worse) today than yesterday… you may have a worse seizure day… or a worse whatever day… but it might be a better day and the chance that it might be better is a chance worth taking.

Risking sounding too much like Pollyanna… what can it hurt… it might be sunshine and butterflies (okay… if you are actually not in central Texas and are in a place where it is going to start snowing again… MAYBE not butterflies).  You might find an unexpected smile… or you might be able to share an unexpected smile with someone you hadn’t planned on… You might meet a new friend (virutally or in person)… you might learn something wonderful about yourself or about the world or universe (like… A year on Mercury is only 88 days long, but a full day (from sunset to sunrise) takes 176 days, even though the planet takes 59 days to rotate on its axis.)

No matter how crappy yesterday was… today is a new day… a day full of possibilities… what can you do with your today?


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