Surprise walk

Was planning on cleaning the bedroom today… Turned out that didn’t happen again…. but on the plus side we walked an extra time for distance today.  Home to Walmart to buy a few extra padlocks… and gauze pads (using them twice a week starts to use them up much quicker than once a week did)


It was a beautiful day to be walking.  Snarfing down some fruit and maple oatmeal helped with the down hill swing, too.  I picked up speed (sorry… ) after breakfast.

Caught sight of the guy in a rowboat out fishing on the lake at the park.  The duckies were fishing too…  The picture could have been way better but it was a beautiful sight… The ducks are there pretty much all the time year round.  There was a crane too, but I didn’t get such a good picture of him… he was busy trying to beat the fisherman to the lunch.

I always look forward to the park on our walk.  I love the lake and the quiet beauty of it.


Amandya was chomping at the bit to get off to the outlets and Penny’s to buy a pair of furry boots and a purse.  But she isn’t a girly girl… she just thought it was a good idea to have a purse that was big enough for her little laptop, her wallet and maybe her journal, phone and ipod.  Yep, not a girl… just mine.  She wasn’t terribly happy to know that we could have been home half an hour sooner but I have a phone with a camera and I’m not afraid to use it.


Half way out of the park there is this awesome bridge.  Bear stopped to wait while I was taking pictures.  He was sweet in carrying the stupid laptop for most of the walk in the backpack.  That is basically the crappy part of pager patrol… toting the laptop everywhere.

The bridge, on bad years, is over a dry creek bed.  This year it isn’t so bad… half way across the bridge you can stop and listen to the spring that is just off to the left drip water into the creek… it is so peaceful.


Yeah, mom… This is the requisite tree picture from the park… This tree is right at the end of the bridge, right where the walking trail bears to the right to head towards the ball park.  I’m not sure why I like this tree.  Most trees that I really really like are way more full of character than this one is, but this is just a happy tree that is pretty much a stereotypical tree.


This one was cooler.  A great splash of color on a grayer day… The red berries usually attract a crap load of grackles (I guess it is a flock but with the way everyone feels about grackles… a crap load seems more appropriate… ) but today it was just being a bird berry bush.


This one (it was a tree day) struck me as interesting because here people are really stupid.  They don’t put benches around cool trees.  They really don’t put benches much of anywhere.  Not benches… not randomly placed picnic tables… but they at least had the forethought to put out a garbage can.  In case the people walking but not stopping or having anywhere to buy anything or anything want to have somewhere to throw the garbage they have been carrying around for a mile or so…


Yep, more tree.  This one is one of my favorite trees.  It does have character… but it was as much because we found a friend who followed us over a mile home.  He picked us up just as we left the park area and followed us to the front door of our house.  Friendly but cautious BIG dog.  He had a tag but he wouldn’t let me get close enough to find out what it said so I couldn’t call and let the ‘parent’ know where they puppy was.  He seemed like a street wise dog so I figure he made it back to somewhere safe.

Tonight, I’m a bit sore, but it is a good sore and I’m looking forward to the next walk.  And to not having to tote the laptop everywhere we go.


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