People are Crazy

I spend an inordinate amount of time in traffic.  I see a lot of people who can’t have a clue in the word… or who are obviously bullet proof.  The motorcycle who weaves in and out of traffic giving rise to the question about whether or not it is “always” cars that cause wrecks with motorcycles.  I don’t really think that if a motorcyclist weaves in and out of traffic, spending part of the time on the berm, some of the time in ONE lane, part of the time straight down the dotted line… connecting the dots with stupidity.

The pickup truck that has WWJD and fish bumper stickers right next to the SAVE LIVES spay and neuter ones… who puts a pickup truck through holes in TIGHT traffic that a SMART car would have trouble safely fitting in… but THAT doesn’t cause wrecks or cost lives… no no no, we need to worry about puppies and kittens that (oh wait… Peanut is spayed… hmmm) I won’t have any contribution to.. ) makes you wonder if Jesus would make a moron out of himself or if He would cause other people to be injured in wrecks trying to prevent them from killing the other driver…

Drivers are crazy…


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