It’s a snow day today… we got about an inch.  yeah… pretty much… but it has pretty much paralyzed the whole area.  I realized, when I let the dog out this morning, just how homesick I am… so I went out into the cold morning to enjoy.  Took some pictures (until my fingers wouldn’t stay warm enough to work my phone… and my camera battery died).

This morning I enjoyed three different kinds of quiet, as I explored all by myself.

Quiet of the early morning.  On a normal morning there is a special quiet that only seems to happen about 5am  This morning it was more like 6 when I was out in it.  There wasn’t even a train that I heard this morning… I’m guessing because they figure the layer of ice on the tracks is too dangerous.  There was a hawk by the time the day started to lighten.

Quiet of snow.  There is an amazing quiet that happens with snow.  The snow crunches underfoot, but there is an amazing quiet that only happens in a snow… I’m not sure if the snow absorbs the sound or if the whole world just settles into the quiet.. .but man… it is so peaceful if you can take the time and are of a mind to enjoy it.

Quiet of the water gently dancing.  I love living right near a creek (pronounced CRICK… get over it) where I can stand and enjoy (too freaking cold to sit on the ground) the gurgle swish as it tangos with trees, break dances around branches and trash and waltzes around high spots.

I’m still homesick.  I’m not sure why… and I know that Amandya will be even worse with the wonderful day that she has off.  It is such a magical morning.



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