Reflections on Bathrooms

Once upon a time I was way less of a connoisseur of bathrooms.  ONCE upon a time I prided myself on my ability to beat bear out of the bathroom…post potty business… Even with the field leveled for the fact that they always seem to put the men’s room further away than the women’s by at least ten feet.  Ah… Those were the good old days.  Now i have become much more cognoscente of the bathrooms I visit… And their idiosyncrasies.

For example… The one on my floor at work is always cold… The faucets leak… And the paper towels are way down the wall from the least leaky sink.  Given that I now ‘have to’ use a towel to shut off the water… That is a big deal because I also have to lean pretty far over the wet sink to shut off the water.  But on the plus side… The door pushes so I can toss the towel and not have to carry it clear back to my desk.

In the building lobby… Not so great… Towels are closer the sink… But pull door (albeit automatic if you push the button… But you have to push the button… So I could push the button with the paper towel and RUN to the garbage can and RUN back before the door shuts… or carry the paper towel two blocks to the parking garage to throw it away (they NEGLECTED to put out a garbage can convenient to the bathroom).

Today I realized how much bathrooms (public bathrooms over which I have very very little control) have come to mean to me.  I was at the doctor’s office and the bathroom was really really warm (wonderful feeling when it was 15 degrees today).  The stalls are massive (comparatively speaking) and the paper towel holder is AUTOMATIC!!! and there is a garbage can RIGHT NEXT to the door… and to top it off… the toilets flush themselves.

It is depressing realize how much bathrooms have come to mean… and how much I can now notice about them… but  it is what it is.. compromised immune system and aches and pains mean you have a whole different perspective on life.


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