Uncomfortable in her own being…

She is very smart. She might not be quite as smart as the front she puts on and I think that might be huts all that it is, too, a front. I wish desperately that she was more comfortable with herself, maybe then she would not come off quite as brisk and intimidating as she does.
I wonder.
She is very off putting. She rarely engages in the banter around her, much as those involved try to pull her in. When she does talk it is rarely positive and even more rarely is it personal.
She is two extremes… Reserved and aggressive. She will either withdraw from conversation or go on the offensive in fear I think of anyone possibly finding fault with her.
I think the aggressive is hiding deep insecurity that the front tries hard to cover up.
She can be so funny and communicative is she chooses to be.
In the bathroom she brushes her teeth several times a day.
She washes her hands and keeps the paper towel and uses it to push the door. It is just a push door… Why would she need to do that? The bottom of a foot or the back side of her frontside would be as effective and less messy later.
I wish I could make her a happier person in herself…


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