Rockin my Buff

Okay, so… like I said, I like my Buff.  And I have been wearing it to work.  It has met with some very mixed reviews.

I have heard that some people like it.  That seems to be what passes for tacit approval.

I have heard that it looks like an interestingly colored mutton chop.  I think that is kind of approval, as well, just good natured poking kind of approval.

I have heard… you look stupid, what is with that ugly thing.  (I don’t think it was stupid in the hip slang kind of way… given who paid me the back handed comment).  I think the person realized what exactly it sounded like, because the next statement was… OH are you dressing like a freak because of South By South West…. (I have to admit, I don’t have much of a filter, but dang, I have more of a filter than that.  There are ways of saying I look like a butt ugly dork without actually being snotty about it… oh, that is so eclectic looking… something like that).  I try hard to take it with a grain of salt.  I mean, I know the person who is telling me I look dumber than anything else on the planet ever could… and… eh… it is what it is.

But I was stopped on my way to yoga by an awesome lady in the office.  She does EVERYTHING.  She is amazing.  I have found out, in the several years I’ve worked where I do, that she is a breast cancer survivor (she was on the company “Race for the Cure” team for the two years that the company actually coughed up any support for the team) and she has RA (although, I don’t think she really knows what kind of arthritis it is that she has… she says she takes RA medicine, so I have to assume it is RA).  She stopped me and asked me where I got my scarf thing.  We got into a big long conversation about where to buy it and how much they cost and what kinds they have and do they stay on.  Apparently she has lost her headwear several times while she has been out running and she is tired of it.

The way these things are designed, they are very adjustable and very customize-able.  And they wick sweat (and rain… found that out) away pretty quickly and dry fast.  They are small (fold up easily, fit in a pocket… or work as a wrist band) and come in awesome colors.  I’m on the lookout for a couple more.  There is an orange one that I have my eye on… maybe next pay day…

It may or may not ever really catch on as a fashion statement.  Don’t care so much.  It is comfortable, keeps the hair out of my face, keeps the way thin places on the top of my head from getting sun burned, helps keep baseball hats on…

onward and upward…


3 responses to “Rockin my Buff

  1. Happy to know you


  2. Thanks for following my blog! I really like this post. I’ve been wanting to keep my hair out of the ay at the dojo. I’ll have to give some of these styles a try and see how durable they are!


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