Bright Shiny Saturday!!!

So… up and at em early this morning.  Completely fed up with my desktop computer, so I restored it back to its factory defaults.  Now I’m running all the happy little updates… and getting back all of my ‘extras’ like Chrome and Firefox so I don’t have to rely on IE.

Cleaning today.  Again.

The windows in the bedroom are thrown open wide (for now) and there is an amazing breeze blowing through. I’m REALLY hoping it lasts all day.  I don’t figure it will.  Looking at weather bug, it should be 84 today.  That may actually be cool enough to not shut them… I hope so.  I’m SO tired of AC.

Breakfast is my second Cantina Bowl from Taco Bell from yesterday.  I’m pretty sure I’m kidding myself that it is healthier because it has Lettuce in it and corn and beans and stuff… it probably has SO much fat in it that I will keel over from all of it… but it’s worth it this morning.  I will even forgo cream in my coffee the rest of the day for this breakfast! Sometimes it really is just about enjoying because you feel like you need to enjoy.

I hope everyone has a marvelous Saturday!!!!



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