Miss Popularity

***** Rant Alert ***** Rant Alert ***** Rant Alert ***** Rant Alert ***** Rant Alert

So… I have a Facebook account. I also have a few pages that I started. None of them are incredibly HOLY COW LOOK HOW POPULAR. There are people who like them. There are people who who follow them. I think there are people who actually like them, you know, after they “like” them. I know I’m one of “those” people and I know that the world needs more of “those” people. So, I’m good with it.
I have a couple blogs. I have people who follow my blogs. Not an incredible lot. Not, in fact, enough that I don’t still smile and feel silly for smiling when I get a notification that someone liked my post or better yet followed my blog.
I’m lame. I know I’m lame. But I honestly believe that if I can touch even one and that one touches one, then maybe… and if you do the math… and I touch a hundred at any given time… maybe… just maybe… it is possible to change little pieces of the world.
Last night on Facebook I figured out why this one page that I have “liked”, and that I honestly still like, keeps posting this on nearly every pictue they post…
“Please:-) visit,like,share and tag!”
I realized a long time ago that a lot of people look on it as a popularity contest. And that’s okay. I understand that. But, come on. If you have to beg people to like what you are doing, you might do better with a puppy or a kitty. They will slobber all over you and all you have to do is toss a rubber band or feed them. It’s way easier, way less time consuming and you seem much less like you are begging for attention.
It makes me feel even more lame for smiling when someone likes something. I don’t stop… because, like I said, I really want to make someone’s day a little brighter… maybe make the corners of the world that I can touch a little less gloomy… it’s the same reason I still stick motivational sticky notes on public bathroom mirrors. I don’t care if I’m popular. I never have been… I never will be… but I’ve never really thought that was what mattered, anyway…

Maybe I’m doing it all wrong… but… that’s okay!

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