Freaking Cold

So… today I go back to work.  A week of vacation and a day of work from home and today I go back.  It’s going to be -1 when I start my mile walk from my parking lot to work.  I’m way way not looking forward to that.  BUT I have my warmness all ready to go (my wool buff, my thermal buff, my glovies and my under glovies, my long johns and… yeah, all my warmness).  I’ve got about fifty meetings today and I know I have to haul my butt in.

Up and nearly ready…

Creatures are fed.  I’m sitting in the quiet watching the deer prowl the neighborhood looking for bushes to munch on.  They scavenged the corn that was under the trees and were already trying for the bird feeder.  They walk and stop and listen, and walk and stop and listen.  They are so graceful.  I love watching them early in the morning.

Yesterday, I had my infusion.  It was a LONG nearly ten weeks.  The infusion center was chilly and crowded but it was lit by what sunlight struggled to get through the clouds.  It was welcome. Not as welcome as the Orencia, but welcome none the less. And I have my next couple appointments all scheduled.  I’m frustrated with the fact that the same organization that cancelled ALL of my appointments because in January I had bronchitis dumped on ME for not having the foresight to have several appointments already scheduled.  Really?  NO freaking way.  Bite me.  Now the doctor who wanted to see me in January (except I couldn’t) who wanted to see me in March (BUT yeah… cancelled that one and now I’m rescheduled) and she’s too busy.  Too busy in April also.  AND too busy in May unless I want to either not have my infusion at all or have to wait another 8 or 9 week stretch.  She will see me every third appointment unless she’s just too freaking busy to work me into her two days a week that she deigns to work in our town. I can have a 4:20 appointment… and the BRILLIANT receptionist didn’t seem to QUITE understand that… if I’m on the 4th floor at 4:20, I can’t ACTUALLY quite make it to the third floor (that I can’t go to before my doctor appointment) before 3 the same day for my infusion… WHO KNEW.  It took an infusionist to talk in very small words very slowly three times to the receptionist to get it through her head that I have to be in the infusionist office no later than 3 therefore needed to be in the doctor’s office no later than 2 or 2:30.

I may actually fill out one of the omnipresent surveys on the quality of service.

And here I am… listening to audio book and at the end of my rant.  Meetings call.  But first, a nice hot bath.


2 responses to “Freaking Cold

  1. I feel your “pain” at returning to work, it’s how I feel almost every week since I do 3 days on and 4 days off. Hope today goes smoothly and quickly, and I hope the Orencia is already working.

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    • I’m not 100% back to feeling “normal” but I’m feeling way better. I don’t hurt nearly as badly as I have been.
      I’m hoping it isn’t just my imagination…


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