Where did my week go?

infusion FebSitting in front of my window watching out at the not quite yet winter storm round whatever round this is.  We are supposed to get half a foot of snow by tonight.  Should be interesting.  I plan on surprising the squirrel girl by taking her to the park for her Artist’s date later this morning.  I’m hoping the snow starts in earnest and she gets in some really good bird photography in the process.

She is (we are) working her way through The Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron.  I know she loves to go to the animal sanctuary part of the Metro Parks here in town.  It will be a great outing.  She will use it for the pictures.  I will use it to replenish the words.

This week I FINALLY got my infusion.  It is heaven to not want to chew my hands off mid forearm by supper time. I still have some weird aches and pains right now but the medicine is doing its magic.

I had some issues with scheduling my next few appointments.  It seems that the receptionists (especially the floaters) don’t quite have a grasp of the order of operations or time in general.  I can’t be on the 4th floor for my doctor visit at 4:20 (the doctor HAS to be before the infusion) and be on the 3rd floor no later than 3:00 to get my drugs before the infusion floor closes for the day.  I know higher math isn’t a requirement for being a receptionist, but damn… I did get brownie points for pointing out (early in the morning) that I’m not Hermionie Granger and I can’t turn time.

I love it when people get literary humor.

I’m all scheduled for March and April, now though, in the right order with the right people.  YAY me.  I feel so much better on account of it.

And today is all about chasing away the doubts and fears and angst from the mind and the body and making the most of the Saturday!!!



3 responses to “Where did my week go?

  1. So glad to read you are finally on the mend and were able to get your infusion. I hope you were able to enjoy yesterday. I’m not as brave as you, cold causes pain and stiffness, but I did venture out for a 15 minute walk and 30 minutes of shoveling- the rest of the day was spent under my heated blanket:) I’ll be happy when the temps start warming up and the snow melts.


  2. I’m glad your pain is relieved with that infusion. I can’t imagine how you deal with it and the cold weather. Your outing sounds heavenly. Hope it was fun.

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    • The cold really doesn’t bother my RA. My hands (thanks to raynauds) are almost always cold, but the cold weather doesn’t bother me so much. I enjoy it! The hot humid weather of Texas used to knock me on my butt, though. Even a short outing would have my hands swelly…

      We had a wonderful time. Coffee and Donuts then to the park to explore. It was a wonderful Saturday!!!


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