Patience and Frustration

il_570xN.844218124_3kx3I’ve had all I can stands I can’t stands no more.

There comes a point where being ‘nice’ and being patient is just highly over rated.   There comes a point where it’s just frustrating and makes me feel like I’m being taken for granted. I got to the point this morning that I’m just done being nice and patient.  I went hunting (on etsy) and found something to replace what I was after.

I have had my heart set (since last fall) on a marble driven kaleidoscope.  They had one that I loved at a renaissance fair.  It is driven by small marbles as the design that is reflected.  I have had my heart set on using fried marbles as the marbles in the scope.  It has spoken to my heart and I knew I had to have one.

I waited for the fair to come back around so I could buy one from the booth I saw a year before… except they weren’t there.  They rented out their space to someone else and had a cart, later in the season… after we visited… so I didn’t get to even see what they had.  BUT I found them on facebook.  I contacted them to try to buy one mail order.

They needed to order lenses, it would be the end of the week or possibly the following week.  In September I started the buying process.  I was patient.  I had my heart set.  I had plans on when I would be able to use it.  Honestly, I have been planning on using it as a lens for my phone camera because I like what the one I bought last year (NOT one that you could change the marbles in, one with a fixed marble… because I waited too long to buy it) did to pictures.  You could make out all of the colors (can we say the colors of fall!!!) and the pictures were interesting.  I like interesting.

So I ordered and I waited.

And waited

and waited

I messaged her.  I got answers back.  I know they are struggling with some health things going on, so I was patient.  It would have been awesome to have not had to be the one initiating the communication all the time to find out status’s.  It would have been awesome if the end of the week or next week had been the same month.

Today, I just decided that the one that I found while out day dreaming was going to be the one I got.  So… I cancelled the order (the one of over a month waiting) and ordered a brass steampunk-esk one to wear on a chain.  It comes with a brass chain and three marbles and is set to ship either today or tomorrow.  It will be here by first of the week.  And it was cheaper by 1/3.

I feel guilty.  I know I shouldn’t.  I know that business is business and I know that there was stock already out, in the field, being sold at fairs (multiple fairs) and that if I had wanted to drive four hours I probably could have gotten one from them.  But business IS business and the customer experience is… well, it matters.

AND I found the next one I want.  I’m hoping it will be there for a little while, because it is incredibly awesome.  I think I will likely frequent the little shop I found to keep an eye on what the offerings are there.


Author: April Wells
Updated October 15, 2015


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