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Divine Providence

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“Catholics call it Divine Providence. Some believe it, some don’t. I do” A friend of mine made that statement today when we were talking and it resonates with me. So many things in my life have put me in a … Continue reading


Autoimmune Issue Business

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It was an interesting week.  I probably have fifty things I should be doing right now, but this seems to be the most important and compelling thing I can think of right now. I got an email this week that … Continue reading

On Making “one of the top” RA blogs of 2014

Okay, so I’ve started to try to take myself a little more seriously. Granted, I probably should have done this a WHILE ago. Granted, it’s still probably enough..

But I’m listening to the advice I’m getting and I’m trying…

And this morning, in an admittedly vain attempt to see if what I was doing was making any difference, I googled <I still can’t get it through my head that googled is a verb> a random RA string.  I didn’t try to trick google.  I didn’t want to try to find a way to MAKE it land, somehow, on my page. I just wanted to see.

I googled Rheumatoid Arthritis Blog.  NOT surprisingly Healthline came up because they have a lot of good information on a wide variety of health related subjects.  What DID surprise me was the fact that in their “best of” list for this year, I’m there.  I’m there with the ones to whom I pay homage because of their following and their content.  I never dreamed that I would find myself among the listings.  To be honest, when I went hunting through the listings, I was trying to figure out what other blogs there are out there that I might have missed and how I can try to figure out how to make this more useful.

And there I was.  Nestled in among some that I frequent rather regularly and some that I’m going to start haunting myself.  You can never have too much information, too many different perspectives, or too much support.

I feel kind of lame that it matters to me this morning.  I have never cared an awful lot about popularity contests or about awards in general.  But it matters to me today.  And in a way, I realize, that maybe it means that I’m making a difference.  That maybe because I’m here someone won’t freak as  badly when they get the news… maybe I really can help.

I KNOW this has nothing to do with the attempts to have this quiet little hamlet in the nearly infinite back roads of the internet show up on a few more of the maps without having to dig and dig and dig.  THIS has been there since May.

But it still made me smile, just a little (okay, okay… I think it was probably closer to what was termed a shit eating grin when I was a kid… why anyone would eat shit and grin, is WAY beyond me… but it is the phrase that has always stuck with me).

Kim, at Chasing Normal, keeps prodding me that I need to work harder at making a name for myself, that I help, that I can make a difference.  So… I will keep trying to figure out how to work at that part of it… and I will grin just a little.

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Updated: August 23, 2014
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It’s Okay to Be Okay With Yourself

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