October… National Journal Writing Month… October Version… Day 1

So… it is NaJoWriMo  and… because I really really need to prod my writing self in the butt (he he he… I said butt… sorry… LONG night) I think I’m going to publicly take up the challenge.  And I think I’m going to do it here.

My challenge… and I’m not going to make any promises… but my challenge for October to myself is to hit 15,000 useful quality words.  That is 500 words a day, give or take.  Padding with repetition won’t cut it.  Random trips down the bunny trail (especially after a night of being on line half the night with work issues (yay projects… yay on call) counts… it’s a journal… it’s my random ass brain.

This morning, I face an entirely new month.  This coming week I face way way hard.  Journalling like this might be a good thing.

Today, we are going apple picking (or maybe just apple buying… I really resent having to pay 5 dollars a person for the “privilege” of the farmers not having to do the picking.  Somehow to me that is counter intuitive).  I’m looking forward to cooking up (and canning up) several batches of applesauce and apple butter… I’m looking forward to drying some apples in my dehydrator and later horking them down because I figured out just how yummy that is.

Tomorrow, Cedar Point… the last time for the year and we have fast pass plusses so the squirrel and I can ride Valravn fifty times if we want to.  We don’t want to.  Just saying.

Tuesday, the squirrel has knee surgery.  It will be good for her to have the pain in her knee gone once she heals.  Watching her wince is painful.  I hate (passionately) that she has to miss school for so long, but… she needs to do this, and hey… it’s free!  Yay meeting out of pocket maximums by March.

Wednesday is my infusion.  I’m still determined to see if I can maybe not use the new meds.  The fact that the doctor already told me that they typically cause diarrhea fills me with TONS of excitement (see, there will be sarcasm, too!).  If the worst my hands hurt is how they hurt now, I think I can tough it out.  If not, I will start the meds and see what they do.  Sometimes I really hate this adventure.

I’m hoping to score a ceramic skull for the front porch today.  I have my doubts, but hey, I can hope. They are SO awesome… about 2.5 feet tall and you put a candle in them like a jack-o-lantern.  They would make a nifty completion to the holiday decorations (I love fall).

And the squirrel is pacing the floor anxiously to get to the bus for the last day of school for at least a month.  It is tearing her up that she can’t go to school and I really hate it.  She really likes barber college and she’s really doing well.  I hope the time passes quickly for her and that she heals quickly.  Maybe it won’t be Thanksgiving before she gets back to it.

And we are off on today’s adventures.

Love and light


One response to “October… National Journal Writing Month… October Version… Day 1

  1. Well, I think you hit a ton of quality words on this post! I hadn’t heard of NaJoWriMo, only NaNoWriMo. Don’t know how anyone can write 50,000 words in 30 days and still make sense. But I suppose that’s the point, the therapy of it. I’m always journaling, so maybe I’ll do it this way instead. Hope the surgery went well and that you had a blast at Cedar Point. I used to go there when I lived in Michigan. Now I live close to Disneyworldland. Not that I go there anymore, the prices are outrageous and all the walking and standing in line in the hot sun is not my cup of tea.

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