A Different Holiday Book

Okay, so I rarely get the chance to do this kind of thing… review something that I use, have used, or would like to use. Today is different!  I get to review something that I’m absolutely loving.

Yesterday, on Facebook, I saw a post on my newsfeed that was for a new holiday book.  BUT it’s not your typical holiday book.  It is “Chronic Christmas Surviving the Holidays with a Chronic Illness” by Lene Andersen.  I got it on Amazon as a Kindle book because, well, let’s face it, books are lighter that way and the more portable I can be the better for me.

The book is written in an amazingly humor filled voice and is written kind of like an Advent Calendar (which I had to read six days to get caught up with the day for yesterday, when I bought it).

For each chapter, each day, there is a “for you” with the chronic illness portion that addresses you directly.  Things like… December 1st Shop On Line… December 2nd Pace Yourself When Eating… which, like I said, addresses things that you can do directly to try to stay sane and as pain free as possible.  There is also a “Helping Someone with a Chronic Illness” section in each day’s chapter that is full of great advice for people who aren’t chronically ill but who love someone who is.

It’s not a large book (frankly, I could have gotten the dead tree version and carried it around in my Oberon case for my iPad along with my iPad and it would not have been too heavy) but it isn’t an expensive book either.

It’s been making me think, it’s been making me smile, it’s a refreshing read.  There isn’t any whining and griping, it’s just a wonderful source of enjoyment and helpful hints for the holiday season.  What’s more, it’s a bunch of helpful hints for ANY season, things you can carry over with you into birthdays, picnics, any holiday that might mean a different plan for your days.

If you want a really good read… an enjoyable light book to read… this one is a good pick.  There aren’t any hidden chocolates between the digital pages (although I did try looking… just saying…) like a child’s advent calendar, there are enjoyable nuggets to take with you into your day.

Love and light
December 7th (Use Reindeer (or Technology) for cards)


4 responses to “A Different Holiday Book

  1. I really love this book and I notice my wife is enjoying it more than I. The review is awesome.


    • I liked Lene’s other books but this one hit the spot right when I needed it. It is making me smile every day and I’m MAKING myself only read that day’s entries each day so I can make it last through the season!


  2. Dead tree version. Love that! I think I will check out this book. Too bad no chocolate between the digital pages.


    • I highly recommend it. I am trying very hard to parcel it out one day at a time… although I have to admit that I had to catch up from the weekend this morning (I got caught up in cleaning and didn’t take time to enjoy really any “me” time).

      This book is going to be something I go back to over and over again this year… for a lot of reasons… =)


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