“We are all dying” is not acceptable

I can not make a blanket comment that it is never acceptable… only that it is not acceptable.  I can’t say never because I honestly talk to Bear in the quiet of the evening when fear and depression settle in the darkness… when he apologizes for leaving me… when he tells me that he’s dying and he isn’t ready to die.  At these times I remind him that we are all dying and that he just knows that it is coming and that everyone’s days are really numbered.

It is not acceptable to sneer it out.  It is not acceptable to roll your eyes and throw it at people who are living the reality.  It is not acceptable to not understand that words have physical impact… that when you sneer out what everyone actually understands but that only some people really really understand.  Even if you don’t know the date and time or the duration… there comes a time when you realize…

Denial is normal… until you can deny no longer.

When denial stops, when reality chokes your heart and fills you so completely that tears can nearly not stop rolling down your cheeks, every second starts to become more precious than you can possibly ever know.

Words kick you where there is no ease from pain… be gentle with the ones that you use.


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