Happy Holidays, It’s not All About Me

We have become a a society of me.  I’m not sure how or when it happened… but we have.  I’m not entirely sure who all has this ‘feature’ but looking at posts on Facebook and listening to people talk, it seems to have become a rather prevalent theme… especially this time of year.

I won’t say everyone.  That kind of generalization is not only inappropriate, it is wrong.  But I see posts from people who hear things like “happy holidays” and become instantly offended because it is not “happy holidays” it is “Merry Christmas” because obviously EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO MATTERS is Christian.

The country was founded on religious freedom… tolerance… The pilgrims ran from religious intolerance and came to the new world to find their own voice.

I know it is unconscionable that Jewish people have the audacity to have their very own holiday (Hanukkah) in the winter when damn it Christians called dibs on the pagan winter holiday season and every 5 year old knows when you call dibs it’s yours… ALL your… all of it damn it and no 5 year old ever has to share anything.  Just ask Hitler.

Unless they are raised by someone who isn’t a selfish ass.

Are people so insecure in themselves that they figure they have the right to demand that everyone wish them the “right” holiday?

And obviously CHRISTMAS is the single only Christian holiday, right?  Yeah, not so much.

Not everyone who you meet is going to have a label on their head so you know what they care about.  If you can’t accept when someone NICELY wishes you Happy Holidays because you know… December is all about you and your one day that you choose to call whatever it is you choose to call it (because if you look at the list, even all Christians don’t call it the same thing so yeah… YOU are the special one… you are the only one that matters and everyone should damn well remember that)

I’m sorry…

I’m on a tear.

I’m so tired of intolerance of differences.

If you don’t like what I wish you, please ignore me.  If it doesn’t meet with your sensibilities, please ignore me.  I live in a world where people aren’t all the same and frankly I’m glad that everyone isn’t just like me.

Image result for coexist

I guess that’s my rant… happy happy joy joy…

Love and Light


One response to “Happy Holidays, It’s not All About Me

  1. Its like being married. I have been married 40+ years. I have never been much worried if people are married or if same sex couples are married or not married or whatever. For me some one else’s status casts zero reflection on my choice. I am married regardless, I hope we can all be happy. Being a Christian, I go to church almost every week, is about me, if someone else does not want to or goes somewhere else, I hope they are happy.


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