Trying To Make Decisions…

So… I’ve been thinking very hard about whether or not to blog about my training… what I’m doing… how I’m feeling doing it… getting ready for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  I’ve been reading a lot of the posts in the Facebook groups I’m in that deal with RA.  It’s kind of (a whole bunch) of depressing and demoralizing.  RA cost me this… RA means I can’t that… I can’t get out of bed, I can’t leave my house… etc…

I’m trying to decide if I should feel guilty about being able to even consider training let alone actually planning on doing another Disney Half… or if it would help people (the kind of help I would have loved to have had once upon a time when I was newly diagnosed) realize that RA doesn’t have to be the absolute end of the things that you enjoy or would like to do.

Struggling with deciding is difficult and, frankly, I don’t have the spoons necessary to deal with the stressing over it.  So, I’ve decided to just suck it up and write about it.  That way I can clear my head and keep better track of what I’m doing.


It looks like we will be not doing the Walt Disney World Half Marathon… we will wait until February when the low temperature is warm enough that Bear won’t have to worry too much about his Portable Concentrator and the high isn’t too high to be uncomfortable.

Bear won’t commit to going because a lot can change in a year, but he is working towards getting us there… Squirrel, Bear and I.  We can’t make reservations yet, but he’s looking at where to stay and how to start saving for it.

As for me, I’m working on saving for the entry fees and starting to train.  I’m actually doing better than I thought I would be at this point.  I’m actually able to nearly comfortably do the First Day To 5K week 1 podrunner podcast, and I can do the C25K week one.  So far, I’m mostly doing on a treadmill, I’m still doing it.  My ‘walk’ speed is 3.3 mph and my ‘run’ speed is at 3.8 mph.  I’m not at race speed but I’m a year away from having to be really ready to race so I have time.

I was at my infusion yesterday and training is kind of hard on my joints when I’m nearing infusion time so it was extra wonderful to have my infusion.  I was hoping to have lost some weight but I’m hanging in at exactly the same point.  Eating better, working out, and still not loosing any weight is a bit demoralizing but it’s all good.

I’ve decided that I’m going to not dress as Figment this time.  Since it is a princess half, I think I will dress as Officer Judy Hopps.  I will crochet a pair of bunny ears on a headband and the rest of the getup will be fairly easy.  I have to find a navy blue sports bra to wear over a sky blue shirt.  Not sure where I will find that but I will keep my eye out for one.

Today I was achy over my hip bones but it was muscle ache not joint ache.  I’m thinking that if I keep working and adding time and speed the aches will be less and my ability will be more.

I have been actually putting in some jogging into my ‘runs’ so I think I’m going to be fine.  I’m also thinking that I might try to do the Fairy Tale Challenge…. 10k on Friday and half marathon on Saturday.  If I can get enough money for the entry fee, I might just try.  Training would be hard, but three medals, three technical shirts… I think I might push a little too hard to get there.  Maybe I will actually get my wish and lose a few pounds in the process.


Love and Light


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