Eat Right For Life

I’m sitting on the edge of a class to learn from the book “Dr. Ann’s Eat Right for Life” at work.  I’ve started reading the book. I understand the eating right but some of the statements give me pause.

If I follow the magic of eating the right carbs I will loose weight, and I will not get dementia, cancer and my pain will go away.

I’m going to have trouble getting through this class, given that the logic that is being used seems kind of folly to me.  I don’t believe that simply only eating the right carbs, I will loose weight and make my RA go away or that I will never get cancer just because of this.  If that is all there were to it, then my great great aunt wouldn’t have had RA because they were farm people and didn’t use the wrong carbs.  I don’t think that I will loose weight simply from eating beans and brown rice without moving my body.

I will try the class but I don’ t know how good it will do if I go into it doubting…


One response to “Eat Right For Life

  1. If beans cured RA, I would have enough healing for all of us in the world and we could solve many of the worlds gas issues, but not air pollution. Sheryl says me, beans and air pollution are meant for each other.


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