Goodness Knows

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was really neat.  We didn’t actually stand in line for any of the candy (I figured I would love to take in all of the neat things that were shows and characters) but one thing that we did get was the initial bag in the party line.  One of the most incredible healthy bar things I think I’ve ever eaten.

Granola bars and I don’t get along so well (too hard)… chewy bars and I aren’t much better friends… and the fig newton kind of health bars are too close to fig newtons for me.  When I saw the Goodness Knows bars in the bags I wasn’t incredibly thrilled. To add to it, they are gluten free.  I figured they couldn’t be any better than the other healthy ones I knew of.   Boy was I wrong, and I’m really glad I tried them.

The flavor combinations are really neat.  Breakfast this morning was cranberry, almond, dark chocolate.  Half a bar is actually enough for me to get me through the morning.  The “bar” is actually four individual squares.  I’m thinking that one square would be really good to eat periodically during a half marathon to keep myself going.  Maybe with periodic red licorice since there is no fat in those and somewhere I read suggested that they are good ‘run’ foods.

I looked online for boxes of the bars and almost choked when I saw the prices that are typical for the box of bars.  They aren’t cheap but healthy stuff usually isn’t.  I am going to start watching for cheaper prices or coupons so I can get some bars ahead for workout fuel.  I guess it helps that one bar can probably do me for two days.

Love and Light


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