Cross Training Day… The first of many…

Took yesterday off of work.  Just too many long things to do  that I needed to be involved with.  Bear’s quarterly pulmonologist appointment primary in that list.  Getting car recalls and breaks fixed.  Lunch date with Bear at Denny’s.  It was a good day.

Went to the gym… I was reading that cross training is a good thing to do to improve your stamina.  I probably shouldn’t read so much.  I really don’t need to be fixating on this stuff.  I really really really really don’t.  But I can’t stop myself.  So yesterday was cross training.

Cross training is doing something that is less hard on your joints on days when you’re not running.  Swimming… pool running… elliptical… bike.  I would love to do pool stuff but… yeah… no pool at the gym and it costs $10 a day if you aren’t a Rec Center member and… yeah… not going to try to justify that when you can only use a machine for 30 minutes… gym is more practical.  I hate elliptical… I can not make my body do what it does.  I watch people and think that it would be great… not happening.  I can’t get the balance or the stride or anything with it right.  So… bike.

Yesterday was the recumbent bike.  12 miles in 45 minutes.  The idea is to build stamina.  Training plans suggest you should do 45 min to an hour one day a week (two depending on the plan) cross training.  I was going to do the whole hour, but I kept an eye on the time and I knew I needed to get things done so opted for ‘just’ 45 minutes.  I will likely start doing the whole hour soon enough… might even start doing the two days a week. Given that it’s supposed to be at at least 90 revolutions a minute, I think cross training days will stay gym days because I don’t think I can do that on my bike and stay consistent.

The neat thing about the gym is… I can take my ipad, hang it over the treadmill or the bike and read for the entirety of my workout.  I like that.  I’ve tried zoning out and that doesn’t work when you have to change the speed every couple minutes.  I’ve tried watching TV but with the sound off that gets kind of boring kind of quickly.  I’ve gotten through one whole book and half way through another one reading while I workout.  I have issues with capturing screen shots of pages I want to remember later doing it this way because I’m moving so much but… I manage.

Today is treadmill in Brunswick day.  Bear is planning on 90 minutes on 3L of O2 at 1.7mph since he did that at Pulmonary Rehab on Thursday (he did 50 min there).  2 bottles will last him 90 minutes on 3L and he has that as his today goal.  90 minutes… I should be able to get in 5 miles.  Only down side… the treadmill will only let me go up to 60 minutes… so I will have to stop and restart after that.

Once it gets warm outside… training will be interesting on the weekends.  I will go run for the specified miles on my plan (at some point my Saturdays are going to hit a plateau… and I can see that being soon… I’m working towards a 6 mile Saturday and a 13 mile Sunday… ) in the morning, then go to the gym with Bear in the afternoon… after a bit of recovery and food.  Right now we are keeping each other going… gym wise.  I want to keep that up.  He’s already decided he’s going to do the maintenance plan at Rehab  and go twice a week to rehab and then twice a week to the gym with me.

The sun is coming up… time to get things going for my Saturday.

Love and light



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