Putting Yourself Out There…

I’m that April.

I have written a few books.  Almost all of them really Geek books. The new one is actually passably something that normal people would read.

I’ve never actually considered that people who I know would have read any of the books I’ve written despite the fact that a lot of them are geeks… The new book is different.  At least a couple people I know are reading my newest book.

The coolest thing ever was when I interviewed someone on who’s book I am a contributing author and he was thrilled to have met me in person.

It is disconcerting to have had people who you interview who have Googled you and they ask if you are “that April” and you have to admit that you are.  I’ve never actually been convinced that any of them have actually read anything I’ve written but they have actually gone out there and figured out who I am.

This book?  This book I already know that one person I know has ordered the book and another is reading it on Safari.  The reality of that hit me this morning.  People have asked me for (free) signed books before but I have always been convinced that they wanted them to have them and not to read them.  People are actually reading this one.

And it scares the crap out of me!!!

I am always second guessing myself… always thinking that people will realize that I’m as big of a farce as I think I am…


Love and Light




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