Running and hoping for a free race entry

This morning at the gym I was playing with the timing of run and walk settings on my Interval Timer.  I’ve pretty much given up on the actual training apps because I’m having trouble keeping to their times as quickly as they move up.  So I got a really neat timing app by Deltaworks Limited.  I can set not only the time for slow and less slow but I can set the notification (whistle, two whistles, ding, two dings…. ) sounds when it is time to go from slow to less slow and back again.  I like having control over the intervals and the duration of each and I can set it to last for something like six or more hours.

I wish there was a way to set the interval timer on the treadmill rather than having to push the button every time you want to switch speeds but it should (knock on wood) start being warm enough in the mornings to go run outside so I can pretty much set my own speed.

So, I finished reading “Running with a Police Escort” ( Jill Grunenwald) over the weekend during one of my long days on the treadmill and among the things that struck home with me from the book (other than finding someone else who is an awfully lot like me… getting to the finish line inside of the time limit to find no medals left because we kind of don’t count as much and stuff like that) was that there are ways to get free entries to races.  

I like free.   Free is awesome.  Racing for free (and I do totally use the word racing very loosely because racing implies any hope of winning and my only goal is to do better than I did yesterday) would be incredible.

So I went hunting. I would love to snag a free entry to the Cleveland Marathon weekend events.  I have serious doubts about winning one but I have found that The Active Guy (, as one of the race ambassadors, is having a contest.  Free race entry contest  and I have been getting on line every morning to snag my extra two entries every morning until Sunday.  At this point it is worth being just a little annoying on social media (@TheActiveGuy on twitter) for the chance.  I could really use a 10k race in May to prove to myself that I’m actually sucking less than I think I am.

Wish me luck.  I don’t figure I have a hope in…. wherever… but a girl can hope.

Love and Light


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