Weight Watchers… The Saga Begins

So… took Squirrel to the doctor yesterday (my pcp) to get her annual physical.  While I was there, the doctor asked about Bear (his PCP, too) and me and my nearly non-existent weight loss.  She once again gently suggested that I really really really might want to try Weight Watchers… since run/walk/running 15 miles a week and riding a stationary bike (I am coming to really really hate snow and cold) 16 miles a week are not getting me where she figures I need to be.  I have lost a grand total of three pounds in two months of this level of activity.

So… last night I signed up… downloaded the app… and figure I’ll try.

I can eat an unlimited amount of chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, fruit, veggies, plain fat free yogurt, eggs… lots of things.  The fact that I can eat an entire turkey breast without it counting against my “points” is befuddling me.  I can eat 1800 calories of turkey, 400 calories in just two scrambled eggs, 800 more calories in fish, 300 calories in fruit and yogurt parfait but I can’t eat a whole peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I’m trying desperately to logic this out.  Oh and I can’t carb load before a race… no no no…

I find out (after I’m committed to at least three months) that WW is geared to someone who has average activity level.  No one seems to be able to define for me what an average activity level is, exactly but the point system is geared to that.  So the fact that I’m not average (lord knows I’ve never been in the middle of any bell curve) is probably already working against me.

I chatted this morning with one of the people online and she told me that you should never have a training run without fueling your body (duh) so… I’m trying to decide if I really want eggs every morning (I did determine by poking around today that I can actually have dippy eggs with bread and it will only be 2 points, so it doesn’t have to be scrambled all the time) or if I am willing to suck it up and eat a half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (half a day’s points) before I run.  I guess I will have to figure out what is for dinner those nights I indulge in the sin of a PB&J to see if it is worth it.

I’m trying.

I’m really trying.

I think I’m trying more because in one of the stupid running books I’ve been reading it said that for every 5 pounds you lose you are 10 seconds faster per mile on average and I can use all the seconds I can get.  I don’t know if I’m convinced or not.  I don’t know if it will work or not.  And I honestly don’t know if I can lose 50 pounds… but I’m going to give it a heck of a shot. If they are even close with expecting 2 – 4 pounds a month… 12 months… I might come close.

I asked a couple questions about it in the one running group I was a member of (aint no more) and I got my fingers virtually slapped for being a horrible person and only half the post was about running and the other part was the horrible (not exactly but it was admin discretion) “D” word.  I won’t make the mistake about commenting on any posts any more that might imply anything other than perfection or genuflecting on my part.  I really don’t need that stess, either.  When the admin messaged me my first thoughts were “Chuck Fou Yarley” I don’t need this… leave group… delete…

I’m getting a lower tolerance for stuff of late and someone else’s baggage is just not something I’m willing to deal with.

Love and Light




2 responses to “Weight Watchers… The Saga Begins

  1. April, stick with it, it is slow, but ti works. — Rick — down 140 lbs.

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    • I hope it does. Just running is changing the way my clothes fit by my weight stubbornly stays almost exactly the same


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