Cleveland Half Marathon is bearing down on me

Today should have been infusion day. I was supposed to not have one in May so I would be on track for not wanting to chew nails in February for the Fairytale Challenge. I back calculated for when I needed to have them to stay on track. To be okay for the Cleveland Half I couldn’t not do one in May. That just wasn’t an option.

So I moved today to May 9.

6 weeks instead of 4.

Seemed like a good idea at the time. Today not so much.

Saturday’s long run was less than stellar. Sunday’s was deplorable. Yesterday was outside and was pretty decent. Today is cross training. Bike in the gym.

I completely didn’t want to do this.

But I have to.

I know I will nail the 8k of the Cleveland challenge. I will probably hit my time.

Today, I’m freaking over the half. I didn’t have time to train as completely as I should. I will finish… but my time won’t be great. My hips probably won’t be screaming… probably…

I’m scared.

Stupid I know but this morning the statement stands. I am. This morning I feel like a failure.

I’m taking napproxen twice a day. Not good.

I can’t wait to get to mom’s to get my cbd laced booboo ointment.

Cross training is always hard for me mentally…. probably why I don’t do it as often as I’m supposed to. I keep thinking run is how to train but everything I read says cross train… so here I am. Just past the half way point thinking it was a mistake.

Disney half running play list is helping keep my cadence right but I’m on auto pilot right now.

I need to finish today. If I don’t the food at the quarterly communication meeting will be not so much of an option… last week was only a pound and a half as it is…

Up side of the recumbent bikes is that I can watch the people who fake being at the weights so they can smooth their hair, admire their own ass, and pick their teeth in the wall of mirrors. Who knew men were that attracted to their own butts….

But I did it!

Now… watermelon ice tea!!!


One response to “Cleveland Half Marathon is bearing down on me

  1. I have great faith in you!!


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