Keeping It Real

The cold has finally (maybe? maybe not) settled in for a bit. It has kind of pretended to snow. It was supposed to have melted by the overnight but it didn’t. Instead the rain on snow in the freaking cold overnight (teens) turned the world to ice.

The walk-in tub was installed this week and was finally usable yesterday. Turns out that a 40 gallon 8 year old hot water tank isn’t the best for a 50 gallon bathtub.

I did get to take a first pass at bath in the shiny new tub. The water (before it ran cold) made it just about to the seat. I sat on the floor of the tub and used the seat as a back rest. I’m really glad that I lost the weight so I could sit on the floor cross legged and get up out of the bathtub. The ‘rapid drain’ was pretty accurate. The rapid fill was amazingly true.

So, now we are kind of in a holding pattern until the new shiny 75 gallon tank gets installed sometime early February.

I will be really glad when all of this is done. I will be really glad when the bathrooms are all done. I’m kind of already over the stress and it’s not even the end of January yet. And by kind of, I mean lots and lots and lots.

Yesterday I got the vanity in Bathroom three almost done. YouTube isn’t always your friend when it comes to how to. I found a video that I thought was going to be awesomely great only to find out that it stressed me out way more than I needed to be. The vanity came in three pieces. The wood part (real wood, too), the marble top, and the bowl. I searched for the best way to install the bowl. Found a great video that stressed me out because I needed to take the length and depth of the sing minus the length and depth of the hole and divide by 2. The video had a nice little formula that showed

length/depth – length/depth /2

I did the math fifty times. I kept coming out with .06 and I had no idea how to measure .06 of anything.

People who make videos like that probably aren’t literal like my head works.

Turns out you subtract hole width from sink width and divide by 2, then do the same thing for the depth and then mark it all out on the bottom of the marble.

Duh. I should have just sat down and logic-ed it out on my own. Would have been far less frustrating.

Today is plumbing that sink and finishing up that bathroom.

Then we are in a waiting game for the last vanity.

That on is equally as pretty as the one we just are doing now but 2 feet longer so half again as heavy. NOT looking forward to this… at all.

It frustrates me so badly that my hands just don’t work right a lot of the time. I can usually do pretty well in the mornings, but by evening trying to use a tiny allen wrench to put in the towel racks and toilet paper holders is really really difficult. I drop so many parts and pieces. They feel like they are almost falling asleep sometimes (my hands, not the pieces and parts)… I keep letting Dr know but no one seems to be too concerned about it…

I try hard to not want to throw things across the room, and I’ve done so freaking much work on this crap that I DON’T throw it across the room because I’ll just have to fix it again… but it’s way tempting.

I’m tired… I think that is a lot of it right now… I’m just really really tired.

BUT there are upsides to this week, too.

I joined a challenge at work again this year. Either lose or don’t gain weight over the November/December holiday season and you get a T-Shirt. On the plus side, I had already gained 10 pounds before the first weigh in and was already beating myself up pretty hard… so I didn’t figure I had to worry about gaining more… Turns out I lost 5 pounds of the 10 by Monday’s weigh in. Signed up for the shirt (and ordered a medium… that still feels weird).

The last couple years I signed up with another challenge group at work. This one logs race miles and for every blah blah blah race you get whatever whatever whatever points. Half marathons are 30 points, full marathons are 40 (missing something in that math…). Log 50 points in a year and get whatever the prize is for the year. Last year a long sleeved technical shirt. This year an Under Armor jacket. I logged 140 of the needed 50 points last year so Friday when the email went out (I waited almost three whole minutes after the email came) saying the jackets were in, I went to the fitness center to pick mine up. I felt so incredibly shallow riding up (alone thank goodness) in the elevator with my shiny new jacket on doing the happy dance (yeah, I know there are cameras…) because I got a women’s medium and IT fit. It’s a little snug in the hips but I know I pull them down too far anyway. A women’s medium fits.


Yesterday was weigh in at WW and I am down 3.6 pounds over last week. I guess maybe trying to claw my way out of the place I’ve been in in my head for a while has helped some. Running on the treadmill when I can sneak the time away from construction helps too.

So, yeah. Right now I’m kind of in a weird place in my head. Proud, but kind of feeling lost, too. It’s a weird feeling but I’m kind of trying to get there…

Love and Light


One response to “Keeping It Real

  1. Good for you April, I was down 3.6 on Sunday afternoon.


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