Sunday Morning Contemplation

Sitting at my kitchen table, coffee in hand, spending some time spending time. Dog Channel is playing… the ocean through the sea grass… sunrise… the dogs could honestly care less about Dog TV, I keep it for me. And it helps.

This week has seen my getting my infusion at the infusion center at Cleveland Clinic. That was an experience in and of itself…
— walk through the doors, met by masked workers
— hand sanitizer
— temp taken (with three different thermometers because it reads low on a good day)
— wrist band to show I passed the temp test
— down to my floor
— no puzzles, no nothing
— every other chair in the waiting room turned backwards
— I brought my own stick to push the elevator buttons
… and I’m finally starting to feel human again 4 days later.

Spent the evening Thursday and early Friday morning shopping. Yes, you heard me, I spent HOURS shopping!! Sitting at my desk, with Instacart. I got groceries for the biggest part of the next month or so with the exception of Milk, eggs and probably bread which I will need again in about a week and a half. I would have loved to be able to get a time at Giant Eagle or Walmart to either have delivery or curbside pickup… but I can’t get a time, even staying up all night. It’s demoralizing to know that my options are joining a line at 5 am with however many other people (and they are NOT 6 feet apart) waiting to get in and shop, work all day and stay up all night refreshing my freaking browser every 10 minutes to try to get a time, or paying an obscene amount to have instacart do it.

This week will be making bread that isn’t depression bread recipe (not awful but kind of dry) and maybe another loaf of banana bread.

Yesterday, we sat in the front yard. That’s it… we sat. It was amazing. The kids’ godfather brought stuff.. and went shopping and bought stuff… so part of the day was sorting things into piles (cardboard stuff that could safely be touched in a few hours… hard stuff that had to wait 3 days locked in car trunks… toilet paper and paper towels (that I HAD enough of to last a few months but that I now have to last probably through the summer… the kids shouldn’t ask for stuff from him or we will get a metric shit ton of whatever it is. I think I will wait a bit before I try to figure out which of our neighbors might need some (like until this forced captivity lasts a bit longer) and maybe stage a delivery run to a few porches…

We started sidewalk art… motivation… and yesterday a man walking by noticeably read them and smiled. Smiling is a good thing.

And here we are at Sunday. It’s time to go walkies. It’s time to get started on the day. Today… dinner, cleaning and laundry, puzzles and movie night. There is something to be said for taking a deep breath and finding the new normal…

Love and Light


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