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On Pulmonary Rehab, Ending Chemo and Radiation Treatments and Planning for Disney Half Marathon 2019

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It has been quite a week.  Started off very… um… white and cold with just about a foot of snow in our yard from the latest storm.  We got ice first then snow so it was a miserable few days. … Continue reading

Orencia Infusion Week

Started out to the gym this morning. Turns out they are only open 24×5 and open at 8 on the weekends.  So… a 14 mile round trip wasted at 5 am.  Sigh.

Got home and started working on stuff at home… crochet projects I want to get done, have to get done, enjoy working on… writing… answering pages on pager patrol… I realized that my knuckles ache this morning.  I also realized that they should have ached a few days ago if the last few months were anything to go by, so I’m thinking that I’m continuing to improve.

So, right now, I smell of Tiger Balm and thinking that I’m really glad that Tuesday is my infusion day.  I’m waiting until 10:30 to take my Delsym so I can hit the gym when I take my little girl to work and get my tummy shot when I get home.  I’m dwelling on trying to get better… because I need to get better for me.

pushing even when i dont feel like it

Today wasone of those days when i dont feel like pushing through the gym. but i have this race to ready myself for… and it makes the afternoon more tolerable… so i push. it makes me tired but clears the cobwebs and the mtx fuzzies… so i know i need to keep it up.

The Down Side of Getting Healthier

Yes, you heard me… there is a down side to being more fit and healthier.  The up side is getting healtier… feeling better… not hurting…

The down side… in order to get my heart rate into the target zone now I need to push harder and harder.  I need to up the resisitance on the bike.  I need to walk faster even with the same grade.  I can get it there, but it takes a lot more work than it did before.

My arm is achey… that is a definate downer, but that is always going to happen… there isn’t any way around it.

Today I did the treadmill at the gym.  Max speed was 4 mph, max incline was 14… I managed to get my heart rate up, but it took half the workout to get there.