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New Infusion Center

20141119_145919Okay… so… I’ve finally bitten the bullet and switched my Rheumy to the one local my house rather than on main campus Cleveland Clinic.  My primary excuse for moving my location is the tremendous waste of time.

I had to walk from work 15 minutes to the parking lot, drive 20 or so minutes to the parking garage and get to the 5th floor of building A.  $6 later, it was either head back to work for an hour or head home and work from home.  There was a whole lot of waste considering it is every freaking month.

So I made the switch.  Now I go to the clinic location 1.5 miles from my front door.  It’s stone throwing distance from the mall.  Parking is free and walking is quicker than the rigamarole I was dealing with at the other location.  THOSE were the benefits I was aware of before.

Today, I got my first infusion at the new location.  The infusion center at main campus is shiny and new.  The chairs are brand new recliners complete with personal TVs.  Each chair has its own little room (curtains).  It’s very sterile and impersonal.  HIPPA would be very happy.

And here I am.  I’m in a hospital recliner.  One TV across the room.  Seven chairs side by side.  People in each chair.  Everyone hooked up to their own personal flavor of poison.  Everyone pretty much in the same boat.

Everyone else (all but the neat skinny lady in the far corner and I) have their company with them.  To my left the woman’s partner and their kids.  To my right, a man with a blue vomit bag being held by his wife.

I have Gatoraid and Teddygrams.
I have a toasty warm blanket and a pillow.
I have Wifi and my tablet and my Orencia.

I did it for a bunch of practical reasons.
I’m glad I did it because maybe glitzy and sterile aren’t all they are cut out to be.


Smiling through the Sulk.

Okay, okay, so… just when I was feeling in a definite funk, what do I get… a card from my mom that made me smile… and cry… but they were good tears.  That was the first bright spot to the day, yesterday.

Add to that… we walked down to walk squirrel girl part way home from school (she really doesn’t like to cross the big busy road by herself and I can understand her not liking to do that).  We stopped in at the pool to use the bathroom and got to chat with the lady from across the road.  She was laying on a raft in the pool, taking the weight off of her body so her surgery incisions don’t hurt so much.  She said that she still can’t sit well yet, but she is healing.  She said they had been watching (albeit, apparently, not very hard) to see how I am doing after my back injections.  It made me feel like neighbors really can be neighbors sometimes.

And today I have my follow up appointment to see how the doctor thinks I’m doing.  My leg is way better.  I’m trying to decide if the ache in my lower back is something that is always going to be there from the osteoarthritis or if will improve.  I would love to have another prescription for the pain meds that they gave me for days when it aches worse than others… I will have to ask him for that today.

I’ve been doing some digging (okay… so that isn’t a huge shock to anyone… I understand that) and it looks like there are a lot of things that are contributing to my back arthritis.  This article suggests that one of the contributing factors to this kind of arthritis is extra weight (got that one… need to now work harder on fixing that one) and another factor is having associated disease.  RA contributes to this?  Interesting.   I’m wondering how many of my newer aches and pains (back to my boo-boo wrist and the stupid radius bone in my wrist hurting the way it used to hurt… and now my weird ache in my back) are indirectly connected to my RA and the Enbrel fixing the inflammation that the immune system attack does… Sometimes (yeah, I KNOW it is better to have the RA under some kind of control… but..) I wonder if it is better or worse to have my RA pushed back so other things can be poking me…

Ah well… it is what it is.

And… Coffee is almost done brewing… and I have time to work on my book…


Herniated Disk Adventure

Okay, okay, so this morning I can look on it as an adventure.  I’m still a little scared, but not as badly. It turns out that really awesome Rheumy’s know really awesome Orthopedists… Dr Lutz was awesome.  He was honest … Continue reading