Herniated Disk Adventure

Okay, okay, so this morning I can look on it as an adventure.  I’m still a little scared, but not as badly.

It turns out that really awesome Rheumy’s know really awesome Orthopedists… Dr Lutz was awesome.  He was honest (not necessarily a great feeling hearing what he had to say, but he took the time to talk to me, do the exam, explain and EXPLAIN).

Herniated disk treatment will be a steroid epidural injection on Thursday.  90% of people respond to that treatment.  They try VERY hard to not do invasive stuff to RA patients because back stuff apparently is particularly sensitive to infection and they don’t like to take chances with backs.  Compromised Autoimmune system kind of sucks.

Tramadol is a pretty good pain pill.  I’m taking half the prescribed dose and it takes the edge off without making me too loopy.  That said… I called Adam “squirrel” this morning in a text message and giggled for 10 min when he texted back “squeek squeek”…

Tomorrow I go to talk to the guy who is going to stick a needle in my back about all of the details.  Thursday I get rid of the pager and in the afternoon I get my injection… and we see how this works.

The nerves that show weirdness (and there are more than one) will fix themselves as the pressure goes down.

Apparently the degenerative disk disease is a hereditary form of Osteo Arthritis.  Yoga is apparently one of the best things I can do for it…. guess the individual who keeps telling me what I need to do to fix all my problems by taking palates might actually be (OMG… ghasp) wrong.  Even my new back doctor says… no, yoga and tai chi… a little light strength training… and walking.  AND I should easily be ready for next year’s half marathon (now… to get my butt into the princess half or the disneyland half one of these days… ).

Now… off to watch the squirrel (the real squirrel) in her Annual Military Inspection for ROTC… pictures will be forthcoming!

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