Clickity Clickity Click

Today we got shiny new pedometers (the first 100 people through the conference room door) to help track the number of steps we take a day… so we would all go sign up for the 10000 step deal…

Now people are walking back and forth to each other’s desk and walking back and forth to the break room and going to the bathroom 500 times to rack up steps.  Some people even figured out how to rack up steps while just shaking the pedometer at their desk (yeah, because that is the whole point of the exercise… pun intended).

Now, though, everywhere you go you can hear the soft clickity click of the pedometers counting off steps.

I’m trying to figure out (mybest guess) how many people will actually stick with it.

unless I miss my guess, this will go the way the TOTALLY exciting Yoga class did… for the first couple days everyone will think it is totally cooooooollll but after that it is too much trouble.

Do I sound cynical?  It’s funny… I sit and look around at the people who are so “IN” to this whole thing and realize that I’m just totally weird.  I don’t figure telling everyone every 15 min how many steps I managed to rack up by faking it is incredibly important.  It is what happens between now and June 7 that will show who wanted to make a big deal out of it and who really just wanted the cool free toy.


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