Yoga for Real Women

Sigh… reality smacks you in the face.  One of the books that I got at the library yesterday was The Woman’s Book of Yoga & Health.  Yeah… while I was running my clone this morning, I thought I would crack open the book and get some ideas.

I got the idea it is NOT the book for me… I will try for a while to find ways to make it work… but… man…

The FIRST pose…

Bound Angel Pose

Heels at you hoohoo… outside edges of the feet flat on the floor… “palms” of the feet together.. knees flat.  NOTHING about ways to adjust the pose… or what to do when you pass out from the pain (yes Bea, I know that is way past the edge where I don’t want to go… but looking at the picture and figuring out what it would take to get THIS body into THAT position… OH… and put your hands behind your back flat on the floor and lengthen your spine…

OUCH… it hurts to just LOOK at the picture.  And user friendly?  Yeah… nothing about modifications or how do to the pose if you aren’t a yoga instructor… or  one of the people they feature in Yoga Journal with 0% extra body fat and that can fold themselves in half backwards… Hello?  Okay… lets perpetuate the Barbie body image…

I have been pushing through reading it though… trying really hard to find a way to use its information… and actually finding a few modifications… and… finding that I can’t get get my body into the modifications… sigh…

Real women can do yoga… honest we can… I know… I am totally real (way too real in a lot of cases).  I will find my own modifications if the “self HELP” book can’t quite help my SELF… so I can gain some of the benefits… but geeze, don’t act like I ought to be able to be a beginner (or just creeping up on intermediate in some cases) and tie myself into your knots to gain any benefits from the wonderful things that yoga really can teach you…


Happy Monday




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