What a Way to Start the New Year

It was my first day physically back at work for the New Year…

The road to the school is all dug up for repaving (has been since the start of Christmas break…) so I had to take a detour to drop off the Squirrel at school.  It wasn’t so bad, there isn’t a lot of traffic early in the morning… and I enjoy the extra time I get to talk to her.  We share coffee and conversation.

Got to work… and my badge didn’t work.  It let me in the parking garage.  It let me UP the elevator… I couldn’t get in the office door… ANY of the office doors.  First thought… uh… do I still have a job?  Wait… I got on the computer this morning before I left home… that isn’t it.. Crap… no one gets in this early… crap.  Fortunately there are a few of us early birds and I got in.  I SURE didn’t want to have to go pee and not be able to get back in… when the guy came in to reset the badges got that out of the way.

Lunch time I was outside taking pictures and talking to bear on the phone.  I was on my way back to work and this midnight blue pickup truck made the corner a bit faster than might have been prudent and WHAM… a laptop in one of those little sleeves came flying off the roof of the truck and fell LITERALLY less than a foot from my…well… foot.  Do I leave it on the wet street to be run over by the oncoming traffic (he made the corner so fast because he was TECHNICALLY running a red light).  I tried to grab the case without getting squished (I would want someone to do this for me… so… joe nice guy… I try to save whatever it is).  I picked up the case and stand on the corner looking for the truck, a block and a half away.  I am SO no running and hurting myself to catch him… wait…. wait… wait… wait… he made the corner 4 blocks down to head up on to the highway… okay… I guess he won’t be back any time soon… no cop nearby… we are a block away from the homeless shelter and only a few blocks from where the druggies hang out… If I leave this it will probably get picked up and used to swap out for something WAY better…I think I will take it into the the office building where I work and leave it with the security guy at the front desk.
By the time I made it across the street catty-cornered and up the steps of the office building, a rather large man was, apparently, coming towards me at a FULL OUT RUN… (according to a guy from my office… a half back sized guy who I work with).  Half back guy said he was really kind of scared for me because this guy looked like he was chasing me and I wasn’t trying hard enough to get away from him.  I was through the revolving door BARELY and this guy was on my tail…
and his butt head attitude was the icing on the cake.

It was nice to know that peeps at work have my back… and it was fun to poke boss man about the STILLERS woop-in Cleveland’s behind… (he came from Cleveland and it is just too easy… ) but man… it was totally a Monday… on a not so Monday.

And… now I’m sitting stressing over getting my first Embrel shot in the doctor’s office at lunch time tomorrow.  I don’t know why I’m so scared about this… it should totally be a good thing… but I am scared half to death… man… I will be glad when this week is over and I have a four day weekend with no pager and nothing to worry about except being.


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