I’m Walking… I’m Walking…

Okay… Good news… Enbrel seems to be agreeing with me (at least for now).  I had some itchies at the the injection site.  I was light headed for about an hour.  I had a headache the next day.  The light headed was probably because I hadn’t eaten.  The headache Sean said usually isn’t Enbrel, but Enbrel says it is common.  I had one.. whatever it was, I had one yesterday.

Yesterday my mom kind of poked at me because I was talking about Tai Chi for Seniors because I’m only forty(mumble mumble)… he he he … I’m 45 and that isn’t even 50 yet and that SURELY isn’t senior.  HOWEVER… given that sometimes I feel achey and tired… I figure that if I read a book designed for people older than I am… when I have those days… I can stop and think… hey, I can fall back and take even the slowness of Tai Chi just a little more slowly and a little more gently.

I also explained to her what squishy is… kind of.  The doctor tells me that my joints are squishy.  I believe her.  She went to doctor for a really long time… I figure she knows.  I can’t feel the squish she talks about.  My reference to the squishy-ness is… my one pair of running shoes doesn’t fit my toes without hurting so I wear my other pair.  My knuckles don’t bend quite right.  My wrist aches a little bit differently.  My hip or my knee  doesn’t feel right.  The squishy is swelling (which is why my toes don’t fit my shoes quite right) but not like I got hit with a baseball swelling that is a bump that is big and you can see… more all over swelling.  Don’t get me wrong… I can sometimes actually SEE the swelling.  My knee has gotten bad enough that I have HAD to wear one of my really big pairs of sweats because my jeans wouldn’t go over it… it was almost twice the size of my other knee.  Mostly I feel it, though, rather than see it obviously.

And today (as is the title of the entry) we went for a walk.  8 miles… to the library and back… Stopped off and the pharmacy… picked up Tiger Balm Ultra (it’s white, not red) and warmer and longer lasting… I love this stuff.  Right now, I’m feeling the 8 miles… my hip is a little bit sore and I feel like I could nap a week… but I feel pretty good and my “tight” running shoes are fitting fantastically…

It was in the 40s when we left home, it was in the 60s when we got home… I was sweaty BIG time by the time we got home (and for some reason when I get sweaty… my bra… love my Danskin bras… gets soggy and when I sit down I freeze… so hot bath and now a well deserved rest before we go pick up the squirrel)


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