If You Don’t KNOW me… Mind Your Own Business…

Rant Alert… It’s that kind of morning… I’m feeling pretty good and I’m in rare form.

and Yes, my peeps at work… this is a flag waving kind of thing… but hey… THAT’s what I do.
Now, I’m not saying that I don’t want to meet new people.  Lord knows that I have met some of the most wonderful people on the planet because I accepted friend requests on facebook from people I don’t know.  That TOTALLY isn’t what this is about.  And, I even enjoy watching them talk about what matters to them and what is going on in their lives and hundreds of other things that I may or may not fundamentally care about… but I am learning and learning is good and dialog is wonderful and friends, no matter who or where or anything are amazing…
THIS is what I’m talking about…

Someone, who TOTALLY obviously does NOT know me sent me an email through live.com (go go Microsoft… gotta love oligopolies… and spell check ) telling me that because of where I live I obviously share her belief that people who happen to be in same sex relationships are abominations…(really?  not the rapists or the drug dealers or mass murderers… really?)
Really?  I’m so glad that some self righteous dits thinks that she can tell me what I obviously do and don’t believe and what I should and shouldn’t do about what she very long windedly believes.
You can’t managed to find something constructive to channel your energies into (like crocheting mittens for the statues on Congress Ave for example maybe) you have to tell me the hyperbole that riddles the world already?  At least be more creative about your narrow mindedness.  What is the quote?  Satan can cite scripture for his own purpose?
How DARE you invade my email box with your hate and expect me to do anything you want me to do (which you ACTUALLY never get around to dumping on me).  Does it make you feel like a BIGGY girl to be so much better than everyone else?  Must…
And all under the umbrella of Christianity…
Go partake in hate crimes…
Go make 15 year olds feel like %$#@ so they commit suicide…
Go forth and be narrow minded and bigoted like me… woohoo…
that will make society see that we are… what… right?  Oh yeah… PU-LEESE… you are such an idiot that if I wasn’t in THIS mood I wouldn’t even have given the email the time of day..
What you are is truly horrible people… duh… You can’t get your facts straight… you are very self serving and I am going to report you to as many organizations as I can… maybe even (given the tone of the email) the local constabulary.

Yes, not that it matters AT ALL, but just as a point of reference… I am heterosexual.  And some of my TRUELY best friends are not.  If I were this narrow minded I would be missing out on some of the most wonderful conversations… a few great hugs… a couple of shoulders to cry and lean on… and information on a KILLER eating establishment just a few blocks from work… and tea… and… well… you kind of get it…

There are partners I know (or have met) and partners I would love to meet… and you know what… I am incredibly glad that this particular fact makes me NOT fit the definition of god (little g… for narrow minded idiots) fearing Christian… I would much rather help my fellow humans (some canines and even a few felines) regardless of what definition society puts on them.  Most people (and dogs and cats and… whatever) are wonderful and if miss THING doesn’t get it… it is her loss… and I feel sorry for her.

Okay… okay… end of rant/sermon/soap box… whatever

Happy Thursday!


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