On Making a Difference…

Went for a wonderful walk again this morning with bear.  Squirrel has been kind of hungering for chili (not the kind of chili that you mostly find around here… more like back home chili (beans mean tomatoes…) with a little Texas thrown in (black beans and pinto beans) with the kidney beans.  Needed hamburger and spices…

McDonalds has Oatmeal (fruit and maple) and it made me smile… I had that on the way ‘home’ for Thanksgiving… which made me hungry for Oatmeal… bought white raisins, regular raisins, currents (loved them when i was a kid… but those were plump and red and seedy… I braved stopping on the way to the outhouse at grandma’s house to pick currents…) and pecans to mix with the craisins I had at home for Oatmeal… which I added a half cup of my homemade greek yogurt to for a late breakfast.

Once I bathed to warm up and clean up and snarfed up my oatmeal I sat down to catch up with my facebook.  I clicked on some links.  Grabbed a few things that were still available for farmville.  Then I went to read my message.  I don’t get many messages and now that facebook finally segregates the ones that are real messages from the “other” ones (like the 20 unread messages from Ruby trying to get people to mass mail STYLE network to get her program put back on… teach me to ‘like’ her on FB… lord).  I don’t get many so when I get one, it is something that I really notice… and today I got one.

The message itself hurt my heart.  It was from one of the people I would never have ‘met’ if it hadn’t been for epilepsy entering our lives (and my being the kind of person I am).  The woman and I have struck up a friendship and she feels like she can talk to me.  I’m glad.  I think she really needs someone to talk to.  I worry about her.  Her seizures aren’t well controlled.  I don’t worry about her quite as much as other people do… she has her own set of overprotective family, but I worry because she seems so alone and she needs someone to be there for her. Everyone needs someone to be there for them.

We talked for a bit and she is one of those people who help people… like Kaitlin from Kaitlin’s Cauze… they just help people.  I keep trying but there are times when I really doubt that I help anyone… really help anybody… and I told her about as much.  She made me smile… because she told me that I make a difference to her just by being there to talk to, rant to, chat to, vent to.  I’m glad I can be there to spread a little information… to give people a shoulder to lean on… to bring a little bit of sunshine to someone… it makes me feel like sometimes I can make a difference.



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