Sweaty Sunday

Was feeling less than fabulous when I went to be last night.  I woosed out on walking around the neighborhood in favor of wrapping myself in Tiger Balm and snuggly blankets.

This morning… bright and early out for our walk.  It was great.  Jumped into my Vasque shoes and Red Wing sockies and we were off (I guess given that I was looking forward to the 8 mile walk… “we were off on the walk” and I’m a little off in the head…. drizzly… 39 degrees… cloudy and yuk… and I’m thrilled to be heading out).  Took too much water along… made sure I wore my ear covers… and felt great (Thanks, probably, in no small part to the three Aleve I took first thing in the morning).

No balloons this morning… but hey… can’t have it all.

I wonder if any of the great feeling of the walk was at all because at the end (even though we weren’t going to) we got kolache and donuts.  Nah…

Got home and went to get fixings for manicotti… mmmmm… Naturally I judged badly and made to much of the meat for the insides… so now we have a cheeseburger meatloaf to go along with the not many left over pasta.

Bath (soak in hot bath) and cooked dinner and now I’m curled up with one computer trying to compact the registry and a cup of oolong tea relaxing.  I feel really good.  Nap time?  Probably… full tummy, warm…and just a bit of rain still happening.

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