Okay… I was going to spend today writing about the moron cop who I followed for a dozen blocks today… He never once used his turn signal… gee… I wonder if that means I don’t have to… hmmm


After the phone call I got about 9:50 this morning… I decided that maybe I would change my mind.

The phone call… according to my cell phone display, it was HOME… home never calls me… other cell phones call me… I call home… but never does home call my cell phone.  This can’t be good.

Angel boy was on the phone and you could tell he was rattled… Fear totally bites… come to find out that everyone living at our house (human and canine) were okay… just… somebody broke into our house.

Somebody came to the front door during the day (odd for a Monday morning… usually sales people don’t count on a lot of people being home and the religious people wait till they figure someone will be home too…)… they knocked and knocked and knocked… then went away.

Bear was in the kitchen avoiding being seen by whoever wanted whatever at the door… but he said it seemed… odd.  So he trotted upstairs to look out the window to see if he could see anyone on the street.  Whoever it was had disappeared.  Even weirder… door to door people go… well… door to door… not disappear right after the knockage…

So he watched out the office window for a bit and… hmmmm… dumpy car came down the street.  Two passengers (young LARGE hispanic guy and young girl) got out, driver drove off.  Getting weirder and weirder…

So… bear left the office and went into Skinny Butt Boy’s room to look out his window.  We live next to an easement and they might have been just going to walk up the vacant lot.  But somehow the gate to our back yard was ‘magically’ now open…

So down the stairs he ran… he made it down the stairs and into the downstairs hall way when the back door started to swing open.  Bear screamed at the ass hole who was stepping into the living room, scared Skinny Butt (who was sound asleep on the living room couch just ten feet from the door where the guy was breaking in).  Guy took off running… with bear hot on the tail of him.  He chased the guy down the easement and down the street behind our house into the waiting arms of the get-away car.

I’m not sure what he was going to do with him if he had caught the guy.  I honestly don’t know what he would have done with chicky b$%ch if he had caught her either… but he gave chase.

SO I had something different to write about today… invasion…

I spent a lot of time today thinking about how scared I now am of someone breaking in.  Apparently the guy down the street had his car broken into by someone in December… it was during the day and parked in the driveway of his house.

Squirrel was very nonchalant about it… yeah… look at where we live… duh, someone is bound to break into our house eventually.  I figure eventually I will get less rattled about this but I don’t know.  So many horrible things could have happened.

My false of sense of security is no more…


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