Week 4 of Enbrel.  This week I got a call from my insurance company asking if I knew about the Enbrel Support Card… and then tried to get credit for THEIR insurance company having anything to do with having that card (the one that I got from my Rheumy… the one provided by Enbrel…).  As a courtesy to THEIR customers (the poor schmucks who have little choice but to take the only insurance that their company offers… oooooooooooooooooooooo…) thank you thank you thank you … butt head.

Still liking the way I feel… I’m feeling different… Weird thing is I crack everywhere now.  I’m thinking that somehow this is actually progress… I mean… face it… I wasn’t ABLE To force joints to crack even though I knew it would feel so much better if I could get the stretch to be far enough to crack… now they crack at random times… sometimes really loudly.  Sometimes the crack hurts.  But I really think this is a good thing.

I have started to look on shot night differently.  I don’t LOOK forward to it… I’m silly, not stupid.  It still hurts…

I’m looking on it as an excuse to do something wonderful with the night.  I found an awesome creamer that is probably obscenely bad for me… but I think that this is a good excuse for a nice big cup of coffee with honey vanilla cream creamer.  Gives me a treat to look forward to after the shot.

I’m trying really hard to remember to follow Sean’s instructions for not touching things… and balancing that with the idea that I SO don’t want to end up being the weirdo who touches EVERYTHING in the office with a paper towel and having a trash can full of paper towels that have touched everything in the office by the end of the day.

If I don’t touch anything then I will not catch anything.  If I don’t catch anything it is not necessarily a fact that I have not touched anything.  I am not NECESSARILY a Contraposotive… as the opposite of the conclusion does not preclude the opposite of the hypothesis…

So… if you take the geeky rambling of logic and philosophy out of the equation… I’m not going to dread this any more… I will find a way to look forward to it!


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