It is usually stupid on a good day… but today it is just really making me want to scream.

They went from Geek to Chic

Okay… they USED to be intellegent and be able to hold up their own end of a conversation.  NOW, though they have Boobs of their very own and so NOW they are worthy of being in the presence of the people who dumped on them when they were 11?

Really?  because that is what the ultimate goal is supposed to be… boobs, short skirts and vanity?

Great.  We are so not changing the messages we are giving our daughters and sons.

The audience isn’t any freaking better than the teenage boys who dumped on them years ago.  Looking at old pictures of boobulicious butts on legs the audience gags and makes boos and hisses… really?  THAT is what matters?  Really really?  boobs and butts beat brains hands down apparently.

And the worst part of it is the guys they want to show are the biggest horse’s behinds ends I think I’ve heard in a long time.  They are worried about impressing the guys who used to be shallow and now they are even shallower?  Oh great.

And the guys who “changed” isn’t any better than the women who changed… it is all about the looks.  WHY does it always have to be about the looks?  It made these people mad that they were teased.  Am I that weird that when I got mad about being teased I improved my mind and became more confident in being me?  Should I have gone and got a boob job, dyed my hair blonde and painted on a dress to make sure that I met with the approval of someone so shallow that this is what they want from life?  Really?

Sometimes I TOTALLY think about going back to a class reunion to show them what I turned into… no one would really really care.  No one would care that I’m published and that I can hold my own in most conversations and that I know I can do things that I used to think were completely beyond me… but all they will see (from what the TV is pointing out) is that I’m still the dorky little skuz that they always saw then.

Maybe that is why I was voted biggest ham… maybe I really am just… a little left of center


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