Sometimes thinking is a good thing…

I got a gift card for Barnes and Noble and with it I bought a three book series that was spawned from the writerspark website.  I, weird person that I am, started at the beginning of “your First 1000 days in writerspark: One thousand Tight Writing exercises” by Bill Weiss.  Each book is like $3 and well worth it to me because I want to sharpen my blade and hone the edge of my writing and these prompts are not your common every day writing prompts.
Occasionally I will probably brain dump some of what I write here.  Partly because I just feel like inflicting my writing onto un-wary readers (not that there are thousands of people who will ever read them anyway… on a good day there might be 35 or 40) of this blog, partly because my mom and I have been chatting and sometimes the prompts talk to me in ways that I can’t explain and I want to see if maybe there really are people out there in the Big Blue World who are people like me… people who just keep swimming and stumble upon some really cool reefs to explore…

So here is Exercise #5 Write a poem or story (max 100 words in length) with the words “path, garage, braille” in it.  Ready Set Go.

I walk the path
Now only in the shadows of my memory
That path in reality
I ran as a child
The one that filled my heart with mortal fear

Fear of the grandpa ghost
inhabitor of the old garage
who peered from the filthy glass
to catch me wandering by

I think of you fondly now
Grandpa Deniker
You stayed behind
watching over me
assuring my steps were true
sugar dumplin in bare feet

Where once fleet feet flew
past your watchful eyes
now gentle mind fingers trail
on post and rail
lumps and bumps
the braille memories of
the past I wish was all always mine

Grapevine path shade my mind
Watch over me as I travel
The past that never was mine
help me to know the things
I wish I had always been able to know.


I went over by 41 words… sue me.


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