Dem Joints Dem Joints Dem Puffy Joints

Yesterday was my Rheumy appointment.  As I sat on the butcher paper on the table, waiting for Dr Booth, I realized that you can’t quietly sit on butcher paper.  You can’t.  There is just no way.

I also realized I have been using her chair as a step stool to get my achey butt up on to the butcher paper.  Great.

It was, all in all, a good appointment.  I’m doing to 4 smooshy joints (two toes on each foot) and my back aches because of osteoarthritis (because I have not had a seizure, it is okay to take tramadol for pain) and my boo-boo arm will be looked at by Dr Booth’s recommendation of a killer hand guy mid July.  I’m almost (ALMOST) looking forward to that meeting.  I hope something can be done for my hand.  Dr Booth said if anyone can he can, but wrists and backs are tricky.  I like her honesty… but “go pep talk” would have felt better.  Ah well… all in due time.

Good news, I’m responding to meds.  AND maybe in the fall if I keep responding and don’t backslide, we will knock the methotrexate down from 1cc to .8 cc in an attempt to get some of my hair back.  YAY.

Now… Heigh HO… Heigh HO… it’s off to work I go… I get to ditch the pager today… PARTY


5 responses to “Dem Joints Dem Joints Dem Puffy Joints

  1. Butcher paper! Love it! (and how about those stupid paper gowns. One size fits most and if you try to get an inch or two more they rip!)


    • alicorndreams

      I’m so glad that I don’t have to get undressed at the rheumy… I learned what clothes are the ones that are rheumy friendly and even though they are “what not to wear” and are totally not 106 degree friendly… it makes the exam go do much easier!!!


  2. I do not mean to sound nosy but I am trying to get a idea of side effects and drug mixtures. I was wondering if you know of any one on this combination of RA’s anti-inflammatory?

    Did you have any problems when you went on methotrexate?
    I want some strait words of wisdom from my community and not just what the pharma rep has dictated fro a change please.


    • alicorndreams

      I know what the side effects do to me… Pill version of methotrexate made me dizzy, nauseous, tired and all around crappy… the injections the only thing I really notice is that my gums get a little sore for a day and I get dry mouth really bad the day after the shot. That’s it… I know that the Dr keeps having bloodwork done every 8 weeks now (was every month) to check kidney function and to make sure I’m not getting to be diabetic… but so far so good.
      Enbrel, for the first few weeks I got an itchy rash, red…. REALLY itchy the first few times… and a few hours after the shot I get a headache. I try not to read the side effects in the pamphlets because my Dr and her Nurse Practitioner is really good and told the reality of what they actually are and what I really needed to think about. It CAN cause neurological side effects in like a half a percent of people and it does dumb down your immune system a lot (when I had the flu the rheumy told me that it would take forever to get over it if I kept on the enbrel and to jump off the shots for a week or two to build up my immune system enough to fight the flu… worked… OH… and if you get a flu shot, don’t get it until like December… they only work a limited amount of time and wear off too soon if you get them in September or October…)
      What kind of mix are you looking at
      Have you talked to your dr?


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