Night Creeps In

I’m sitting on the bedroom floor. Tv turned way quiet. Blankets and my trusty afghan piled around me. I’ll bet she never dreamed those years ago when she crocheted it all together how much use it would get… How much I would come to rely on it’s warmth and virtual hugs hidden in it’s yards and yards of yarn. Yet here it is still doing it’s job after all these years
Why on the floor?
My bed holds my little squirrel girl. It has been a rough afternoon.
The pain from the nephroptosis (she can’t get something simple that everyone gets, hers is rare and painful) in the left side and what she says is one of the stones on the move on the right. We went to the store and she has to ride in the back seat laying down to take the edge off the pain. We went to put application in for Popeye’s so maybe post surgery she can get a job. Got home and out of the car and she was on her knees on the 105 degree driveway throwing up absolutely everything she ate today.
Made her take her meds which she promptly threw up. Now I worry… Will the missing dose cause a seizure? If there is any justice in the world it won’t.
Now she sleeps. Exhaustion.

She sleeps
Exhaustion steals her day
The evilness of
Her body rebelling
Takes the dimples from her smile
Dulls the shine in her eyes
She sleeps
May there be
Peace and ease
In the coming night


4 responses to “Night Creeps In

  1. A touching poem indeed. So beautifully personal and fragile. Thank you for sharing


  2. My heart and prayers goes out to the both of you right now (((HUGS))).


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