Squeezing in a ‘run’ with company

So, my determined little Dassie Girl (who has taken to liking Dassie girl more than squirrel girl all of a sudden… I think because it sounds neat, and we know what a Dassie is and they are cute) crept slowly and quietly into the bedroom this morning at about 4:15.  Ha Ha, she thought she was going to wake me.  I was up.  And almost already completely dressed.

Unfortunately, When I started to gather together my walk stuff (my phone, my camera, my fanny pack, and this week my pager) I found out the pager was dead… WAY WAY dead.  We had to put off the walk about an hour and a half until the pager wasn’t so dead it wouldn’t even try to find the network.

So… she napped and I waited.  And we went and ‘ran’.  Her in her tennies, me in my Vibrams.  My Vibrams are seeing me through

By the time we left, there was lightning dancing in the clouds (still no rain, but lightning).  I smelled like bug spray.  And we were off.  We did cut it short because the pager was still not happy, but it was happy enough for the battery to be yellow and the network to register.

We were off and walking fast… and talking about what I find fascinating about the half marathon.  We did cut it short, but we did make good time and her knees held up okay.  Tomorrow at least twice around the same block, maybe three times.  I have to be able to make it home in about 10 minutes from the furthest point if I get paged.  But she wants to do the half with me… and I think that will be neat.  People might have issues with me and with the way I have been with my kids, but I have two very awesome babies who aren’t babies, one wants to walk the half with me, the other wants to be there to medal us when we cross the finish line.

Now home… showers taken, french toast breakfast eaten, and coffee brewed (black and with just enough ice to make it drinkable this morning), Dassie girl is napping on my bed, the dog is napping at my feet, and I’m feeling better than I have in a while… mentally and physically.

I’m working on it slowly.  This year I don’t feel quite so bad for not being able to keep up with the runners at work and the runners I used to work with.  This is a race for some but for me, it is just getting by to get by.  This is my proving to me that I can and that I still can.

What is your adventure?

You don’t have to run to get benefit from moving.  Walk up and down the driveway twice.  Walk to the corner and back.  Walk around the back yard.  After a few days or a few weeks, add a few extra steps.  Don’t start out trying for 100 miles or 26 miles or 13 miles or even one mile.  Start with moving three steps if that is what you can do.  When you go to the bathroom, walk one extra time across the bathroom.  Sometimes it isn’t so much what it does for you physically, but what knowing that you did it does for you mentally.


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