Stop Listening the The Nay Sayers


Here I sit… blog in hand… thinking.  Thinking about the messages that we hear from the time that we are young and what those messages teach us.  Last night I talked to my Dassie Girl a long time about being able to be anything she wants to be if she wants to be it.  She is becoming.  She is becoming more and more her own person.  She is becoming a young woman.  She is becoming all that she needs to be.

It is scary.  I understand how scary it is for her.

I’ve been realizing, though, that maybe all that I’ve done their whole lives hasn’t kept my babies from hearing the messages that I hear about not being good enough.  I thought that maybe by telling them the things that I wish I had heard would have helped their whole lives.  I guess it hasn’t.  I’m fighting this morning with feeling like a failure in that.

Because of that realization, I’ve been re-evaluating myself… and why I feel like I can get away with blaming the things that I was told when I was young.  If what I have done hasn’t helped… why am I letting the things I have been told stop me??? That is just silly.

So… I have been thinking about poetry and the fact that no one buys poetry and you can’t make a living as a poet… but maybe… just maybe…

Shiny Chicken Poetry???
Poetry in the Park????



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