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Tips…for every day… RDBlog week day 2

The prompt for Tuesday is Tips… pretty much any tips. The longer I live with this RA beastie, the more I realize that any tips and tricks I can amass, the better the days end up going.  I also realize … Continue reading


RDBlog Week

Okay, so here it is Sunday morning.  Windows open, hands freezing (It’s a balmy 48 degrees) loving early autumn.  I’m lucky.  Cold doesn’t make my hands scream nearly as much as hot and humid.  I’m loving this.  The only real … Continue reading


“I’m losing, just not losing big”

I have started to post less and less in groups on Facebook.  Frankly there are groups that I will read posts from but will never posts.  I’m just flat out tired of being ridiculed and laughed at.  I get enough … Continue reading


Running in the Rain

I’ve decided I have gone completely around the bend.  I’m a hopeless case.  Hang it up…. just figure it out as you go… That said… yeah… it was a neat morning run. It was entirely too warm and humid to … Continue reading


Those Days When You Just Want to Curl Up And Cry

Yesterday was one of those days that I would have loved to simply have either been able to go crawl back into bed and forget ever happened or to at least have been able to do it over with different … Continue reading


When the Aloneness is Overwhelming

Last night’s coffee for breakfast.  The windows are wide open because the nights are cooler for a bit.  The cat is a bit on the demanding side but the purrs are nice. Yesterday’s training run was 9 miles to the … Continue reading


The Quiet of Early Morning

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It’s just before dawn.  Puppy doodle and I are sitting on the porch by Tiki Torch light listening to the crickets and locusts singing their songs.  It’s beautiful music… The rain last night did nothing for the humidity and I’m … Continue reading


Sit with me a minute

Its a cool June morning and I should be off on my walk/run to add miles to the gym. I should try for 13 miles today. The rain isn’t that hard and I won’t melt… But it’s so nice here … Continue reading


Hydaway… nifty new water bottle

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This is an endorsement… but it is one on a product I bought deliberately and will buy again. Back in 2015 there was a really cool product on kickstarter and I remember watching their ‘ad’ and thinking that it was … Continue reading


Cleveland Marathon Expo Day

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I can hardly believe it is already race weekend.  Today is the Expo.  Packet Pickup.  In just hours it will be race day(s).  I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, but I was certainly expecting it to be bigger … Continue reading