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The Quiet of Early Morning

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It’s just before dawn.  Puppy doodle and I are sitting on the porch by Tiki Torch light listening to the crickets and locusts singing their songs.  It’s beautiful music… The rain last night did nothing for the humidity and I’m … Continue reading


Sit with me a minute

Its a cool June morning and I should be off on my walk/run to add miles to the gym. I should try for 13 miles today. The rain isn’t that hard and I won’t melt… But it’s so nice here … Continue reading


Hydaway… nifty new water bottle

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This is an endorsement… but it is one on a product I bought deliberately and will buy again. Back in 2015 there was a really cool product on kickstarter and I remember watching their ‘ad’ and thinking that it was … Continue reading


Cleveland Marathon Expo Day

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I can hardly believe it is already race weekend.  Today is the Expo.  Packet Pickup.  In just hours it will be race day(s).  I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, but I was certainly expecting it to be bigger … Continue reading


Proof I can do the challenge

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Today I decided that I needed to prove to myself that I could actually finish the challenge I set out to do.  Bear and I do 2 hours at the gym on Saturday and 2 hours at the gym on … Continue reading



So… I joined a Couch to 5k “training” group at work.  When I read the email that was eliciting people to join the group, I wrongfully assumed that it was… you know… COUCH to 5k training.  It does give you … Continue reading


Taking A Day Off

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When I work during the week, I run ridiculously early in the morning.  My whole run (between 2 and 3 miles on average) is done in the dark.  The birds are up singing but it is dark.  The moon is … Continue reading


From Fat To Finish Line

I stumbled onto a facebook group called From Fat To Finish Line.  I figured that was kind of me… so I joined.  I didn’t read a lot… then I started to lurk.  I didn’t realize that “From Fat To Finish … Continue reading


Cleveland Half Marathon is bearing down on me

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Today should have been infusion day. I was supposed to not have one in May so I would be on track for not wanting to chew nails in February for the Fairytale Challenge. I back calculated for when I needed … Continue reading


Struggling Still with Weight Watchers

Don’t think.  Don’t think.  Don’t think.  Just follow the program and it will work. And it’s pretty much working. I eat turkey, eggs and bananas. It’s a life style. Yes, it is.  And I spend EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY … Continue reading