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A Bright Shiny New Year

So, here I sit, January 2, 2012 looking back and looking forward. I’m trying, this morning as I wait for coffee to finish so I can warm my cold achy hands around the cup, to decide if there is anything … Continue reading

Sticky Notes… Day 2… demoralizing


I apparently irritated someone yesterday with my annoying little positive affirmation notes.

I was told (by my HR friend) that I needed to make sure that, if I put them up, they were on the bulletin boards in the break rooms.  Company policy.  So I did.

These ones were on the bulletin board wall in the small break room on my floor at work.  I stopped in to get tea water and there they were… all piled together, in the garbage.

I want to spread this to the people I work with, too, but if this is the response I get, maybe it really isn’t worth the bother.  Maybe it is just better to post these where other people will see them and not worry about anyone I work with and hope that other people get something out of it.

No, I will keep putting them up at work.  I’m nothing if not stupidly tenacious.  I will try not to get bent about who I figure took them down.  Onward and Upwards!!!

Maybe one of the others I put up will have brought a smile to someone.


Random Acts of Operation Beautiful

Okay… so… I’m a little odd.  I’ll admit it.  If you have read many of my entries, you will have gathered that already.  Over the last couple days I have been haunting a website (Operation Beautiful).  Along the same lines, I have been talking to an awesome person in Cape Town South Africa (Human Kind is the facebook name) who is trying to decide if being a little different is worth taking the chance… if putting yourself out there to be kind to people, even if you don’t know the people, is really worth the risk… the risk of being ridiculed… the risk of never knowing what the change is that you are bringing to the world.. if it is worth it.

So today I embarked on a new adventure.

I started writing motivational stuff on sticky notes and posting them in random places.



For the first three, I actually did what the basic original idea suggested… I placed them in the women’s bathrooms to bring a boost to women’s self esteem. These three pictures are my first three tentative attempts.

Later, I put a few more in the women’s bathroom, on the backs of the stall doors.
All of them disappeared.
I don’t really know if anyone took them or if the cleaning lady took them down.
I did go later to talk to my friend the HR lady to make sure I wasn’t going to get into trouble for putting them around the office floor. She said that she saw the ones in the bathroom, decided to go to the website, and didn’t think it was a bad thing. No one had complained and no one could take them as offensive so I should be okay.
So I made a few more and dropped them off on the way out. I put one by the elevator button in the office. I put one in the elevator of the parking garage and one on the computerized parking meter thing where it would be unobtrusive.
My adventure is going… now… to see where this adventure takes me.
Tomorrow I buy the Operation Beautiful book (electronic version) online.

The saga continues.