Out Of Joint on my Nook

Okay, okay… I’ll admit it, I crazy as a loon.  And I will never learn… but… hey… it is what it is.

I found Out Of Joint by Mary Felstiner (2005) and decided that it was worth a read… I need to see other people and how they deal.  It is a great book.  Brutally honest.  Scary… OH yeah… but since I’m half way through I can’t see much of a bright spot in the book.  I’m hoping by the end of it I will…

It is startling to realize how much things really have changed, though.  I have a wonderful doctor who doesn’t patronize me (hmmm… is it because she is a she?  I wonder…. Is it because her step daughter is in a similar situation?  Maybe).  I’m glad that I’m having this condition now and not thirty years ago.  I’m glad I have the support that I have.  I’m glad that I haven’t been so morose about everything.

I’m at a point in the book where she is looking for books about RA.  She doesn’t like the Pollyanna books… She wants real books about real women living real lives with RA.  There really are a lot of WONDERFUL blogs about living with RA.  I read several of them pretty fairly regularly.  But in all honestly, there really aren’t all that many books, still, about women with RA.  Pollyanna or otherwise… they just aren’t there.  There aren’t so many about men and RA either… but… let’s face it… I can’t EXACTLY relate to all that, either.  I can research but I can’t write about it first-hand.

I wonder… should I really pull together a real life story (or the story of a year or so…)?  Maybe this is where I’m supposed to start… with 2 books… epilepsy for Amandya and RA for me… story about reality… What do you think?



2 responses to “Out Of Joint on my Nook

  1. I think writing one or both books is a marvelous idea. It would not only be a potential help to others like you searching for answers, it would be a tremendous help to you to help vocalize your journey. By all means, go for it.


    • Thank you.
      I needed to hear this, I really really did. I know in my head that I can do this (hell, I’ve done it before) but in my heart I needed to know that it really isn’t such a bad idea.


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